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Please help..

Hi mums, I am a first time mum my son is 13weeks old I had a great pregnancy no problems

Re: Please help..

  • Oops I think I did yes sorry, basicly my son is 13 weeks old and he is a happy healthy baby doctors and health visitors and family and friends all say he is very alert and advanced. My health visitor weighed him last week and is worried as he only weighs 10lb 9. He was born 7lb 9 so he hasn't really gained much.. He has to go see a peediatrition soon.. Anybody know anything I could do to help him out on weight?
  • What are his eating habits? Are you doing formula or breastfeeding? How often do you feed him? Ds has never refused food or spit out the breast. He is basically a pig. I think you know best as a mom but I would increase his intake and feeding if you are concerned. If you are breastfeeding there are probably many other suggestions too.
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  • I tried breast and nothing was coming out the midwifed advised me to just go with bottle he was on 6ounces and would Finish it all have a burp and then sleep since the health visitor said she was worried about his eight Iv upped him up to 7ounces sometimes he takes it all and sometimes he struggles.. He is getting weighed tomorrow so hopefully he has put more weight on
  • Try to feed him consistently, just like a newborn don't let him go more than a few hours without eating. Your best bet will be to see the doc and confirm there isn't anything else going on. They always say to evaluate the diapers to see if they're getting enough in (6-8 wet diapers a day is what our pediatrician always tells us) if he's doing that he might just be a little guy!
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