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Traveling with baby

has anybody travelled with a 4 month old for vacation? If so when you stayed with family and or hotel where do you let your LO sleep? Do I have to travel with her big play gym?

Re: Traveling with baby

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    Yup. It was a lot easier than I thought.

    We went to mexico to visit. Baby was 4 months old. My dh's aunt let us stay by ourselves at her house. His cousin let us borrow her pack and play and that's where he slept. He's been sleep trained so he slept well but didn't want to be in there while I was getting ready.

    I'm dying to take him on a real vacation, though! DM me if you have any questions.
  • Yep!  Traveling was no problem for our son.  We requested a crib from the hotel we stayed at that seemed like it was not going to be comfortable for him, but it worked perfectly fine.  Then when we stayed with a friend, I actually just laid a big blanket on the floor next to my bed, and he slept all night.  Hopefully your baby likes her night sleep no matter where she is!
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    We registered for this along with a portable crib mattress and have used it in our room since baby was born. We took it with us to the hotel the last two weekends and baby will be 4 months August 6th.
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