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Bump on baby's leg

Two nights ago I noticed a little bump on the back of my 15 month olds calf. It looked & felt like a pimple to me. She does get a little bit of baby acne on her face especially with how humid it's been the past few weeks so I wasn't too concerned. The tip of the bump felt hard similar to a pimple that needed popped. Yesterday it had the same appearance however today when I got LO up it had a large red ring around the site! My MIL thinks it's a boil. She has a doctors appointment on Monday so I hate to take her to the ER unnecessarily if it is just a boil. We do live out in the country a bit in PA & my husband & FIL have both had Lyme Disease from tick bites so I'm just concerned- it doesn't seem to be a bulls eye though. She has no other spots on her body.

Re: Bump on baby's leg

  • My son gets a spot similar to that with any insect bite. The doctor gave us a prescription cream to mix w aquaphor. He said he was sensitive to bites. He has lot of skin allergies.
  • My LO swells up and gets red like that with mosquito bites. The first one I freaked, but the next one he got I saw the dumb mosquito and didn't swat it away fast enough and it swelled up the same way, so I know that's what it was. He has no other skin allergies, but is pretty fair skinned. I just put Vaseline and a bandaid on it (which LO surprisingly didn't pull off). If it was me, I would probably wait until the appointment Monday unless it gets worse or your LO seems to feel bad. Hope it's nothing!!
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  • Thanks for the help! It doesn't seem any worse- probably a big bite.
  • @njdean12, did you ask your doctor about it? My LO currently has 3 HUGE bites. Pretty sure he got them at daycare yesterday. They look horrible. I'm gonna ask at our doc appointment Thursday, but curious if yours had any suggestions on what to put on it?
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