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Low Progesterone Levels - Anyone on Crinone?

Has anyone ever had their progesterone level decrease during early pregnancy?  I am 6 weeks pregnant and my levels went from 13 to 7 in just under two weeks.  My hGC levels increased, but not the way the doctor would have liked.  I had an US today and there is a fetus measuring just over 6 weeks and a heartbeat of 150 bmp.  My doctor has put me on a crinone cream for 2 weeks and then a follow-up US.  My doctor is "cautiously-optomistic" but I have miscarried before and feeling like it will happen again.  Has this happened to anyone?

Re: Low Progesterone Levels - Anyone on Crinone?

  • I'm on Crinone. My first miscarriage was because my daughter had Turner Syndrome. When I got pregnant this time, my progesterone was 19 and they wanted it above 20, so we're just being conservative.
  • @DallasAreaDoula - did your levels increase after being on crinone?
  • I'm on progesterone now for a short cervix, but I do know women who've had successful pregnancies on it for more progesterone for the first 12 weeks. :)
  • Thanks PlainJane8350, I appreciate it!!
  • Sending sticky baby dust your way!
  • They never rechecked my levels, but she allowed me to stop the Crinone at 9 weeks, because the side effects were terrible. Baby looks good so far!
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