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Can I decline the 3hr glucose test?

I know I might sound crazy and like uncaring mother to be but I just really don't care to take the 3hr glucose test.

I barely failed the 1 HR test and was given zero instructions other than no need to fast. So I had a cereal that I didn't think was high in sugar but apparently was.

They gave me the "special 3 day diet" to follow for the 3hr test which is basically just a ton of carbs and I have no desire to eat that many carbs.

My dad is diabetic and I've had him check my blood sugar levels while he's visiting and they come back perfect every time he tests.

Am I terrible for wanting to just say that I'm fine and I'm not taking the 3hr test?

Re: Can I decline the 3hr glucose test?

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  • My sister didn't take the 3 hr test after failing the one hour. Nor did a friend of mine. Both had healthy babies and no problems. 80% of people who fail the one hour will pass the 3 hour. I also barely failed the 1 hour -- in fact, with a 136 many doctors would have considered that I passed!!-- but decided to do the 3 hour when my doctor recommended it. The main reason was that I have PCOS which I know can cause insulin resistance. I wanted the peace of mind to be sure whether I did or did not have gestational diabetes. It turns out I passed the three hour with one abnormal value. While I am relieved I don't have to test my sugars regularly I will be being more cautious about my diet-- switching up to a high-protein low-carb breakfast and cutting out sweets. I am a pretty healthy eater in general but had given myself more license than usual to eat desserts while I was pregnant... now I will be more cautious about that. So, a very long answer but it's all to say: I would never judge someone for not taking the three hour test, especially if you barely failed the 1 hour. And personally I am just taking it as an opportunity to make some healthy changes to my diet. I think if you do that you'll be fine.

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  • Maybe ask for a re-test of the one hour? Just because I thought I was fine at diagnosing my pregnancy, I still went to the Dr for a lab test. If you think you are fine, the 3 hr test shouldn't be a problem in my eyes.
  • My OB offered testing my blood sugar for 2 full weeks instead of the three hour test as I tend to faint (almost did at the 1 hr). But I'm not sure I would be good at doing that consistently so I'm taking the 3 hour test and I won't lie I'm not happy about it but sometimes you just have to suck it up and do it.
  • Wow! I never thought of this - declining the 3 hour glucose test- but I wonder if I can do the same since I did the 1 hour and barely didn't pass (I also was not told to fast and had a greasy breakfast before heading to the doc) AND I already did the 3- hour glucose test and passed! The doc says she wants me to do it again in a month or so. The first 3-hour glucose test was awful. I almost lost consciousness and I would rather not subject myself or my baby to this especially since I've already passed once.
  • You can decline ANY procedure you want.
  • It's annoying, but anyone is susceptible to gestational diabetes, regardless of what you ate before (grease has no impact on your blood sugar) and how healthy you are. My marathon running friend had gdm with both of her pregnancies! The 3 hour is different than the test strips . You can decline, but having untreated gdm wouldn't be worth the pain of the three hour test to me.
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  • @brooklynbroussard, not sure how to take that?
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  • Is the 3 hour test really that horrible that you would rather risk the health of both you and your baby?
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  • As someone who completely and utterly despises having her blood taken (small and deep veins) I would still take the 3 hour test. Yep it sucks but better safe than having complications in the future.
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  • I was diagnosed with GD at 11 weeks. I've heard horror stories about people who disregarded their GD. It damaged their babies, also, if left untreated you have a higher risk of having a still birth. If you are not going to take the three hour, ask to check and track your blood sugar over two weeks. I've been on insulin for a a few months because of this, I would do anything for my baby.
  • OT but when my blood sugar drops low, I do feel drunk.
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  • I felt fine, and was diagnosed with GD. I have no family history, so I was surprised I failed. Take the test. Do you really want to put your baby and your health in jeopardy?
  • @BrooklynBroussard thank you grasshopper ^:)^
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  • I would consult your doctor. If they say take the test, do it. Sure the risk is most likely low that you have GD but is it a risk worth taking to avoid an annoying test? They are the professionals. You should trust them
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    I started a post on this previously. I am not taking the test at all, but I am instead measuring my own glucose with an at home diabetes testing kit for 2 weeks (only once per day and only 8x total). It is more accurate and I can continue checking periodically to make sure I'm still doing well. It has been very easy and has not been time consuming.

    I think the testing is very important, but there are more accurate alternatives. You don't have to change what you eat or drink at all. Your dad can probably show you how to test as well. I would definitely test, but this option may be helpful to you. Good luck!
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  • I've had GD since I was eight weeks pregnant and it sucks! I hate poking my finger four times a day and sending in logs and being lectured but I do it for my baby. It's temporary and his health is worth every finger poke. Also, I feel very healthy and so far so is our baby boy! It's up to you but imagine how you'll feel if you had GD and don't control it?
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    @bgriest I'm going to post a couple of links with lots of reading. It's too much to discuss here for my tired brain. Hope it helps.

    There is one more link you might want to read in the first section. My midwives use a conservative version of the guidelines, and they have less gd diagnosis with no increases in bad outcomes. If i failed I'd probably grudgingly do the 3 hour,but only because I've never failed in three pregnancies.
  • Sorry if this comes off snarky, but what is the big damn deal with the 3 hour test???? It's not that difficult!!!!! Just do it for the sake of your baby and stop whining!!!!!!!!!!!!! What if you DO have GD, why chance it? Here I sit after taking about 345 shots so far this pregnancy, I just don't want to hear this anymore! Do the damn test!

    It's fine to question things. What you have chosen and been through should not define another woman's choice. One of my main beefs with maternity care in the US is that nobody questions anything and acog just does whatever it wants without really taking into account the current research and realities, and even when they do obgyns aren't obligated to update their practice.

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  • I also have tested my "sugar" as my grandma calls it on her glucose monitor and my reading has been normal. I also would take it to see what it was after a big breakfast. I still chose to take the test to rule it out once and for all. Everyone is different and I just strongly agree to go with what your OB tells you to do.
  • I'm glad for you. But questions are not the same as refusals. If more obs were willing to discuss these things maybe we'd be getting less threads asking a zillion gd test questions. I have seen and read and discussed more with professionals than the average pregnant person, and i don't take any of it lightly. But i also don't think half of what is done to most of us (meaning low risk women) is necessary. Id never tell a woman what to do. But if i think i have good information that could help a person have an educated conversation with her care provider I'd give it. I skip many tests, but do the gd test because I've researched, weighed the pros and cons and been able to discuss my concerns with my midwives.
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  • @FrozenMommy while it's important to listen to your physician, it's also important to make an informed decision and do your own research. After working in Healthcare for 10 years, I've learned I disagree with many things doctors say. All doctors have different opinions. Some are better at educating their patients than others.
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  • Not all obs are created equally. And not all women have real options to who they see. Obs provide the majority of care in the US and yet our maternal mortality rates are on the rise. I feel it's my right as my baby's parent to Make sure im informed and not just along for the ride .
  • @komerorebi I guess some of us have complete trust in our OB's. It's good that you have done your research. I really believe in my OB they have been great. I knew this test wouldn't harm me just possibly exclude GD. It's not going along for the ride with me I genuinely have faith in my healthcare provider. I have came in their office in tears and scared and they calmed me down for concerns I had. They have shown facts to me and take the time to explain what they plan on doing and why.
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