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Baby won't crawl ! Almost 10 months

My daughter is 10 months on Friday and she just doesn't care about crawling! The only crawling she does is crawl backwards . any advice anyone has to encourage crawling I'm just worried something is wrong !

Re: Baby won't crawl ! Almost 10 months

  • amy006amy006 member
    My niece did the same thing...crawled backwards or just scooted across the floor. Her pediatrician said scooting IS a form of crawling and that it's totally normal for a baby to choose a different method to get around. She's now 2 1/2 years old and totally fine :) If you're worried you should ask your baby's doctor for advice though! 
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  • Don't fixate on what she isn't doing, focus on what she is doing. Sounds like se is traveling, and that is what's important
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  • Thank you guys ! She is craWling and all over the place :) she just wasn't quite ready yet !
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