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Pick my daughter's name

SaraFaye715SaraFaye715 member
edited July 2015 in Baby Names

Pick my daughter's name 109 votes

Charlotte Faye
43% 47 votes
Abigail Faye
49% 54 votes
7% 8 votes

Re: Pick my daughter's name

  • I voted Charlotte. But I have one myself so I LOVE that name!
  • LNic5LNic5 member
    I like Charlotte a little more than Abigail, but both great choices
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  • I like Abigail more than Charlotte. You could call her Abbie or Abs :)
  • I voted Charlotte, but you can't go wrong either way.
  • I love both names, but I have developed a new strong love for Abigail recently. I love Faye as a MN too.
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