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Um, can I ask about your underwear?


Re: Um, can I ask about your underwear?

  • @MellyPMama15 I only had heavy bleeding for the first week or so. After that, I was able to switch to a regular non diaper like pad. I like hipster undies because I find that they don't cut across the bum cheek which always makes that panty line more evident.
  • I like Hanes boycut briefs, those tend to be my go-to underwear, they hold those monster sized pads pretty well. 
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  • Love my low rise bikini style from VS! That's what I wear when I have my period. I can't do tampons-they are uncomfortable and make me cramp more. I don't want to ruin them though postpartum, so I'm thinking of buying some cotton Hanes brand that I won't be ticked if they get ruined.
  • I don't wear underwear so I just had to go out and purchase a pack for the postpartum months. I just did a pack of Hanes from WalMart since they are going to get ruined. They are bikini and bright colors, but cotton. Nothing fancy.
  • @MellyPMama15 don't you worry, they are! I haven't seen pads that big, but the mesh undies are hot! That being said, they are so flipping comfy you will want to cry when you run out!! Stock up!
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