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Water Birth in Philly Area

Does anyone have a good recommendation for a birth center or hospital for a water birth? I hear that the the birth center in Wilmington, Delaware is good...has anyone had experience with them?

Re: Water Birth in Philly Area

  • Water birth is not allowed in any hospital in the Philadelphia area or the suburbs. 

    You could ask at the Birth Center at Bryn Mawr. 
  • I believe the birth center in Wilmington allows Water Birth.  I have a couple of friends who delivered there and had a great experience.  The Bryn Mawr Birth center has jacuzzi tubs for laboring, but does not allow birthing in the tub because the tubs don't meet the right size/access specifications.  I'll be delivering at Bryn Mawr, and I have heard nothing but great things about delivering there (i have also had several friends who went there) and I have loved my prenatal care so far (I am 22 weeks)
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