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OBGYN Rec for Jersey Shore or SOCH Hospital?

mns81mns81 member
edited July 2015 in New Jersey Babies
We are looking to switch practices and want someone awesome who will deliver at either Jersey Shore or SOCH. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated :) 

Re: OBGYN Rec for Jersey Shore or SOCH Hospital?

  • Mic512Mic512 member
    It may be a little far depending where in TR you are but Brielle OBGYN in wonderful. My daughter is 4 mths old. They deliver at Brick Hospital not sure about Community
  • mns81mns81 member
    Thank you! I will look into it. We don't want to deliver at Community so that's ok! 
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  • I would call up the hospital where you intend to give birth- they can recommend someone
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