Pregnant after 35

She's here! Birth story

 Went in on Monday for the scheduled c-section.  Was pretty calm about the whole thing.  Fiance stayed with me through all the pre-op stuff.  Got a tad nervous when I walked into the surgery room.  (Fiance had been taken to a different prep area and wasn't there yet.)  Lots of people, lights, machines ... made it all really, well, real.

The anestiaologist was great, even though I almost cried, lol.  Docs and nurses were great as well.  Was pretty straightforward.  No issues.  Fiance was there from start to finish for the procedure.  He was offered to go watch baby get cleaned up, but he said he wanted to stay with me.  I told him to go with baby.  He did and relayed info back to me.  During that time they stitched me up and I was pretty much alone, which was probably the worst part.  Then, I got to see her (only was given a quick glimpse when she came out).  We all went to recovery together, which was nice.  So far I am recovering well.  Still working on the breastfeeding.

She was born at 2:10 p.m.  She weighed 8 pounds even and was 20.5 inches long.  

Here is our Chloe Evelyn ...

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