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Lets talk cameras

I have been relying on my iPhone for the past few months since my camera broke, once baby arrives I know I will want to be taking photos constantly. What camera do you ladies use/love? I'm hoping not to spend a small fortune right now, but I do want something worthwhile, any suggestions?

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  • I think if you go with a trusted brand such as Canon, you can't really go wrong. On a side note, I was at Michael's last night and saw that there is a new version of the Polaroid camera - I want one!

  • I got a Canon Powershot SX280 HS which I got on sale for about $200. I think they make a newer version now, I got this one almost 2 years ago. My favorite thing is that it has a burst setting, so you can hold down the button and I believe it takes 7 pictures per second, which is pretty helpful when your are trying to get a good shot of your squiggly baby. It also can hook up to your wifi to upload pictures if you don't have an SD drive in your computer to insert the memory card.
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  • I am a Canon girl by heart, or even Nikon. Each brand has some really great products ranging from point and shoot to DSLR. I currently have 5 Canon DSLR cameras, a Nikon DSLR and a Canon Powershot. Of course I do a lot of landscape/ nature photography. If you're looking for something that will be inexpensive but does a little more than a point and shoot I recommend the Canon Powershot. It is small and compact yet really delivers a punch, not only does it have an automatic mode, but there are also options for Portrait, Landscape, Kids and Pets, a video feature and a Scene feature which has automatic settings for a Poster effect, fisheye, miniature, super vivid coloring, low light and the list goes on. It has all the qualities and features of a more expensive DSLR type camera, but in a compact and more user friendly form. Plus, mine (which I bought almost 7 years ago) has a 12.1 megapixel rating, anything beyond that is pointless unless you are planning on becoming a photographer for a living. With a megapixel rating anywhere between 8-12, it will give you clear, sharp non grainy photos. My advice is when you are shopping around for a camera, #1 Do not let the sales people fool you into thinking you need a high end camera with a high megapixel rating, they are infinitely more expensive and infinitely harder to master if you haven't used or experienced them before. #2. Try them out, play with all the buttons and settings and see if it is something you can be comfortable using, you don't want to shell out a lot of money for something you hardly use because it is too confusing. #3, set a budget limit and stick with it. Sometimes it is easy to get swept away in the fancy doo das and bells and whistles of a camera, but those bells and whistles come at a pricey cost. #4. Read reviews on any cameras you may be interested in, there will be good and bad reviews with all things but you want to focus on the reviews that go over the features and what people may think about them. Here are a couple websites I use when I want to read up on a certain camera before I buy:



    shutterbug is amazing and offer really unbiased opinions on pretty much every type of camera out there, they even field test them and give honest opinions. Good luck!

  • We have a Sony and a Canon. Both are just the small compact cameras, and both do what we need them to. The Sony takes better pictures but also cost a little more (like $250 range). The Canon only cost us around $80-$90 and does what we need it to. The biggest thing I don't like about the Canon one is that there is a longer delay when you hit the button till it actually takes the picture. I take the Sony when I want to make sure I get good pictures, and I take the Canon when I want decent pictures but know there is a chance the camera could get damaged (like someplace with water). I agree with PP that if you go with a major brand like Canon or Sony you are probably pretty safe. Just try and find something that got good reviews and is in your price range.

  • My professional camera is a Nikon. And I love it. My everyday camera is also a Nikon but it is a Nikon j1, the convenience of a point and shoot but with options of changing lenses. I could not be happier with it! It will be in the delivery room with us and my dslr will be waiting in the wings :)

  • Canon is my usual go-to, I am looking at one of the powershot sx, just not sure which one! Thanks for all the input ladies :)
  • I have a Canon Rebel and love it!!
  • I have a canon mark 3....but my point and shoot works great most of the time
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  • mrsb30mrsb30 member

    I have a canon mark 3....but my point and shoot works great most of the time

    Love my mark 3! I don't have a point and shoot. When I'm not using my camera I just use my iPhone, but I've been thinking maybe I should get a point and shoot for the times I don't want to bring my mark 3.
  • I have a Canon Rebel and love it!!
    This, I've had mine for years and it takes beautiful pictures with no need to learn to shoot in manual.Though you can if you want!

  • I have a Canon Rebel that I L O V E. I also have a Canon Powershot that takes very good pictures and is easier to throw in my bag.
  • We have a Sony RX100. It was $700 or $800 when we got it a few years ago, but maybe it's come down in price since then. I didn't want a DSLR, and we did a lot of research and everyone said this was the closest you could get to DSLR quality without buying a DSLR. We've gotten really gorgeous photos with it!!
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