Pregnant after a Loss

What do should I calculate my due date from?

I had a chemical pregnancy in May and then got pregnant in June, so I didn't really have a CD1.  Here is what I do know, I noticed ewcm on June 26th and on June 27th I got a positive OPK.  DH and I did the baby dance on both the 27th and the 28th.  Not sure when you actually would consider the day I O'd?  Is it the day the ewcm showed or the day the test turned positive?  So confused.  I know it just the difference of a few days but should I base how far along I am and my due date on the 27th?  I know eventually scans will help clear it up but just curious for now.


Re: What do should I calculate my due date from?

  • I based mine on the day after I got a positive OPK since the test I used said a positive appeared 24-36 hours prior to ovulation. However, my scans put me at having conceived 3-4days after my positive OPK. Congratulations! I also conceived prior to a cycle so had to go by ovulation as well.
  • I always err on the side of a later date with this question bc a) it's just an estimate anyway, but b) I don't like to have induction discussed with me so I'd rather have a day or two extra before that type if talk begins if I go late.

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