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Just want to cry

About a month ago I got a Bartholin cyst on my lady parts and the pain was unbearable. I went to the doctor and they cut it open and drained it (didn't work it burst on its own again two agonizing days later). Now I have another one!!! I am in severe pain and getting it lanced again is giving me nightmares! I just want to sit and cry I'm in so much pain and no one understands! I don't really need advice I have researched extensively, I just really needed to let out some frustration and vent!

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  • ouch!...sorry this is happening to you momma.

  • I'm so sorry.. That has to be annoying and painful. I would just go commando and wear a maxi skirt until you go in to see doctor.
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    :( that sounds awful..I hope you feel better soon!
  • Sorry.  :(  Hope it gets better for ya soon.  Have you called your Dr ?  Maybe they can suggest something to take in the meanwhile to ease the pain. 
  • Thanks ladies! I'm trying to do sitz baths every other hour and trying loads of home remedies before I have to force myself to go in and get it cut open. Commando has been my life for the past three days! Thank goodness for my husband running around and doing everything and getting me everything i need! I'm just praying this thing bursts today
  • Bless your heart, that's awful. :( I have gotten boils in hair follicles for years now and they are painful as heck, so I can't imagine yours. Not sure if it would help your situation but when I've had mine in my bikini line/groin I've gone commando like PPs suggested, and held a super hot rag on the spot to try to get it to drain. Like boil water, soak washcloth in it, and put in on the area as soon as you can stand the heat. Yours is obviously different, though, so it's only a suggestion. Hope it gets better soon!
  • These are terrible! Honestly, when I have a patient with one that needs to be drained, I offer to do some procedural sedation (similar to how GI docs do it for colonoscopies). The condition itself is painful, as is the treatment, so if there's anything I can do to make things better, I will. Often, it's not just enough to drain them and they need a special little surgery to make them go away. Sorry you have to go through this. I will say, though, that the longer you wait, sometimes the worse it gets. I'm sure that's not helpful to hear.
  • Ugh - I'm so sorry that you're having to deal with this! :(


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