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Intro! Multiple losses, MTHFR. (long-ish)


It has taken me a while to do an intro here because I've been waiting to feel comfortable. Realizing that is never going to happen, here I am.

1 mmc, 1 7week loss, and 2 chemicals later, we were set to start Femara, aspirin, & progesterone with my May cycle. To our surprise, we ended up pregnant that month, all on our own!!

I started progesterone instantly. Had been on aspirin (MTHFR) since our last RE appointment. Had a 5w4d scan, 6w4d scan (hb:114), and an 8w4 day scan (hb:172). Graduated from our RE and have our 11w4d scan next Thursday with our OB, as well as a "peace of mind" scan tomorrow with our RE:) He spoils us!

Due date is January 31st.

I thought that making it each week with a healthy baby would be satisfying or something. Totally the opposite. I hate ultrasounds. They cause so much anxiety. My symptoms were strong from 6.5-9.5/10 weeks and I've been feeling tons better the last few days, which is why I scheduled a 10.5 week ultrasound.

I feel like I'm rambling now. So I'll leave it at that:)

Re: Intro! Multiple losses, MTHFR. (long-ish)

  • Congrats! Welcome and I hope you get your healthy January (or February) baby with no complications!!
  • The same thing happened to me until I could feel the baby move. I still worry, but I used to make myself physically ill the day of my ultrasound...something that most people look forward to. I'd tell myself that it was just anxiety, but I'd be so nervous and feel so sick to my stomach that I'd wear loose clothing, turn the A.C. all of the way down in my car and sometimes carry a spit cup. Gross, I know. Everything was always fine and I'm sure it will be fine for you and your baby as well. Thinking of you!
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  • I'm so sorry for your losses. I know exactly what you mean about u/s days being filled with anxiety. At mine last week, the sweet tech (who I know from my prior loss and subsequent rainbow baby pg) stopped me in the hallway to hug me and ask how I'm feeling about the u/s bc I was pale as a ghost.

    Before my first u/s for this pg, a close friend said "enjoy! The early u/s is my favorite day of pg!" I didn't even know how to respond bc my feelings could not be more opposite. It's obvious she has never had a loss or any pg concern whatsoever.

    I will be thinking of you and praying for a healthy pg and delivery for your baby.

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  • I am sorry for your losses. I agree - u/s days are terrible. I have had one scheduled and one emergency and each one I was nervous to the point of nausea. The terrible part is that I spend all the time leading up to that day freaking myself out about what is happening to my body that all I want is get an u/s to just tell me what's going on. Then the day arrives and I just want to crawl into a hole. I have one on Friday (I should be around 9 weeks) so I am sure you can imagine the rollercoaster I am on right now...

    I keep trying to remind myself that no matter what happens it's beyond my control but the anxiety is just too overwhelming.
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  • Thinking of all of you ladies! I have one Friday, too. Let's all hang in there!
  • I found out I have MTHFR a few weeks ago and just got BFP yesterday. I'm taking my aspirin, B12, and Folic Acid. I'm also getting my levels checked tomorrow but I'm still extremely nervous for my 3rd try at this!
  • I found out that I have it after my loss and I'm 33 weeks as of yesterday if that makes you feel any better!
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