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Swollen...uh...down there

OK this is my 2nd but this pregnancy has been completely different. I noticed yesterday that down there was swollen. Not like where I can't walk just bigger than normal. Anyone else have this? He's really low so I'm guessing it's just him pushing down but just wondering .

Re: Swollen...uh...down there

  • Normal, happened to me last time and occasionally with this pregnancy though it isn't as constant.  I've also thought it was just related to the added pressure. 
  • Unfortunately I'm having this particular side effect as well. It seems to cause some soreness, too.
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  • I'm guessing it is sore I just assumed it was my hips stretching... Guess I'm going to gave the full waddle this time. ..
  • ughhh yes! LOL! It comes and goes but its definetaly annoying, just awkward! My doctor said its from increased estrogen 
  • My swelling is horrible this time!! Im talking like 4×'s my normal size :(( Thank goodness I am off for the summer and can sit a lot ! Seems to be the only thing that brings relief! Compression socks have helped with my overall swelling as well!
  • OMG yes... I used a mirror to do some down there grooming and I was terrified to see that my lady bits are so swollen and purple!
  • Yes! I noticed when I was grooming down there & after grabbing a mirror I noticed I'm so swollen! Didn't have this issue during my first pregnancy. At least it isn't painful.. yet..

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