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First Perinatologist Appointment

What happened at your first perinatologist appointment with twins? Do they do any testing/ultrasound before 13 weeks? 
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Re: First Perinatologist Appointment

  • Mine was at 20 weeks, in place of regular anatomy scan with OB. A very long ultrasound session where they specifically captured images of legs, heads, etc. The equipment was impressive, and I appreciated seeing so much detail. Doctor came in afterward to discuss his take on all of the images, and assessment of our risks. Monthly appointments since, last one is tomorrow. So far, everything's clear.
  • Yes I went for my first at 12weeks. Urine & blood pressure test. Then indepth ultrasound like Toolfbysea described. Then talk with Dr. I think it was around 22weeks they did a vaginal exam. Was going once a month in the beginning then around 20 weeks every 2weeks. Then I had complications so I was going every 3 days towards the end.
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  • They did anatomy scans at all of my peri appts. Honestly, my husband and I enjoyed these much more than our regular ob visits because the screen was a TV screen and we could see the babies better. Plus the table was inclined and much more comfortable for me to lay on.
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