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Anyone give birth or planning to give birth at Hahneman?

I'm a patient of Drexel OBGYN for over 15 years and pregnant with my first child.  I didn't even consider switching practices when I got pregnant cause I've always been happy.  I'm still early in pregnancy (10.5 weeks) but trying to find out more about delivering at Hahneman.  Everyone I know delivered at Virtua, Pennsylvania Hospital or Jefferson.  How many private rooms do that have - website says 17 and that most are private but what does that mean?  Is there a way to guarantee?  I honestly can't fathom sharing a room post partum.   

Re: Anyone give birth or planning to give birth at Hahneman?

  • I delivered at Hahnemann 2.5 weeks ago and honestly had a great experience. The staff was super nice and helpful. I don't know how many private rooms they have but I got one. They offer birthing classes where they give you a tour so you can see all the rooms and ask any questions. They suggest taking the class a month or two before delivery so you still have time but you can call and schedule your own tour whenever if that'll give you peace of mind
  • Thank you so much!  I have my 12 week appt this Friday.  I'm going to talk about when I can get a tour.  I definitely plan to do their classes but I think I want to see everything before then if possible.  
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  • My friend delivered there and had great experience with them!
  • I delivered there with my first 2.5 years ago and had a great experience.  I will be delivering our second there in January.  I got a single room the first time around, they allowed me to stay in the labor room a bit longer until a single post partum room became available (they didn't need my L&D room at the time)  I know a lot of people who have delivered there a all got a single room, or the double with no roommate, I guess it really is the luck of the day, but they really do try to allow you to have your own space.  I also enjoyed the "meet the providers night" that they offered (not sure if they still do that) it allowed me to meet all of the providers who could possibly deliver me.  
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    I go to Drexel OB/GYN as well, and am also planning on delivering at Hahneman. I've been there twice for appointments and genetic screening, and have had nothing but excellent care. I don't know of anyone who has actually delivered there, but I've got a good feeling about it!

    (Just realized this is an older post, I think? Oops! Well, at the very least, your ladies' stories helped solidify my decision!) :blush: 
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