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Associates for women's medicine- Syracuse.

I go to AWM, and at 31 weeks have only seen 1 provider. I actually called today to see if they would let me see someone else for my 32 week appt, bc I have never met anyone else in that practice, and the lady said probably at my 34 week appt. this kind of makes me uncomfortable bc I really don't want to labor/birth with someone I've never met. When did the practice start having you ladies rotate through providers?

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    My office does this too. I'm 28 weeks and have seen 1 of the 5 doctors. You will see most of the doctors before you deliver, you still have plenty of appointments left!

    To be honest, when you are in labor, your doctor (or the doctor on call) may not be around much anyway. It will be residents and L&D nurses with you.

    And this may be just me, but with my first two deliveries it didn't matter who was delivering my baby, I just wanted them OUT.

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!
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  • My doctors office is AWM & when I first found out I was pregnant I was seeing a NMW who doesn't deliver. At about 24 weeks they had me switch to an OB/GYN doctor and once I chose that doctor I only saw him for the rest of my pregnancy. When I went into labor there was one doctor on call and I was in labor so long that by the time I delivered there was a different doctor on call, neither of which the 2 doctors in the hospital were mine. When it came time for the doctors to switch shifts they came in and talked to me and made me feel so comfortable. All the doctors in that office are wonderful so in the end you will be fine. 

    To tell you the truth it didn't really matter either that I hadn't met the doctor yet. You spend so much more time with the L&D nurses anyway! As long as you meet and feel comfortable with your nurses (which they are amazing at St. Joe's) you will be fine. 

    They do suggest that meeting all the doctors is best, but that takes a whole lot of scheduling. Your schedule, the doctors schedule, available apts that aren't taken by other patients (lol). For me it was easier to just stick with my doctor and have it be what it will be!  

    Hopefully this helps! Which offices do you go to? I'm go to the North Syracuse offices :-)
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  • @jdurstica ,I go to the N Syr office too!
  • They really are the best there, I wouldn't want to go anywhere else! 
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  • I'm 29 weeks and I've only seen my doctor. I'm having a scheduled c section though so it's pretty likely I'll see the same doctor. I've heard they're all great though!
  • dr. Kavety ended up delivering me. I had never met her, and baby was out in 4 pushes so I didn't see her long, but I loved her.
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