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Lurky Lurker, Now I can Finally Intro!!!

Hello Ladies, I actually hate intro threads but feeling extra happy today so here it goes. Got my BFP faintly on Saturday and then bold on Sunday with no doubts. I had a MC in April at 7 weeks and thelast few months have been pretty rough with anxiety. My DH and I have one DD who is 19 months. We've been married 2 years and are ecstatic and hoping this is our sticky baby!!

Re: Lurky Lurker, Now I can Finally Intro!!!

  • YAY!! when are you thinking your due date is?? I got my BFP on Saturday too!! 

    I experienced a loss at the end of April at 8 weeks, got really disappointed when I got a period after the miscarriage (even though I knew it would happen) and my partner and I stopped paying attention to when I ovulated so I wouldn't be stressing or wondering for two weeks I just assumed I wasn't and BAM it happened. My boyfriend actually Proposed on the 1st haha and 4 days later I found out we were expecting!

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  • Congrats! See you in the March 2016 group :)

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  • Welcome and congratulations!
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