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Baby Shower Locations - Hudson County

My mother and sister are beginning their search for a location for my baby shower.  Ideally they want to keep it local, but being from Hudson County, parking can be an issue and they don't want to ask guests to pay for parking, whether it be a lot or meters.

They want catering to be done on site and are looking at $40 a person with on site parking.  

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Re: Baby Shower Locations - Hudson County

  • ElecinElecin member
    I used to work at the Chandelier in Bayonne. I threw my best friend's bridal shower there and it was lovely. Parking wasn't a problem and I believe it was between $22 and $25 per person. Food is pretty good.

    Good luck in your search!
  • Ha, I pass by the Chandelier all the time but haven't been yet. While there is no on-site catering, Grace Lutheran rents out it's basement for $300 I think. LO's baptism was there and it's a really great space. Used Mona Lisa for catering and it was really good. For parking, people just parked on the street. Off the top of my head I can't think of a restaurant or hall in Hudson County that is affordable and has on-site parking. Can only think of really expensive places or diners.
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  • You probably wouldn't consider Hoboken with parking concerns but there are some restaurants on Washington st and the waterfront that offer free validated parking for up to 3 hrs. Might be worth looking in to. Amanda's is one but I don't know about pricing there..
  • Thanks ladies!   My shower ended up being this past weekend at Rita and Joe's in Jersey City.
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