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intro,pregnant and scared

Hi everyone,I am 27years old and have two rainbows and I pregnant right now at 17weeks1day.I lost my first baby at 12weeks ,my husband I got pregnant about 7months later and everything we thought was going great and at 22weeks we were told our son had no heartbeat.then we got pregnant again with our rainbow

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  • I'm so sorry that happened to you! Did they give you an explanation for your losses? It's so hard...
  • I am so sorry for your losses! I myself am pregnant (14 wks) after having miscarriages at 6 and 9.5 weeks. Losing a baby after 20 weeks is my worst nightmare, I'm sure things have been so hard for you.  Sending you positive thoughts that everything goes well this time around!! 
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  • With my daughter they said they don't really know and with my son who was 22weeks they think umbilical cord.

    Thank you ladies I am just hoping for a good Dr appt next week.
  • I'm sure ran tests, though, right? Praying like crazy for a healthy pregnancy for you this time.
  • Thank you,and they have ran test,I drink only water no caffeine I am text book when it comes to eating and drinking only what you should do when it comes to being pregnant.
  • Same here. My husband and I were talking to couple of the girls who work at my doctor's office and they were saying that I was silly for avoiding certain foods. Oh, well! I'm avoiding them anyway. I do drink more than just water, though, but no caffeine.
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    I've had 3 chemical pregnancies and thought that was tough....what you have been through is so so tough. Us women have a tendency of asking "what did I do wrong"?! But it's nothing we do.....we try our best to be healthy and that's all we can do. I pray that you have a healthy pregnancy and baby!! God bless you and good luck xx
  • Thank you all one day I will see my babies Willow and Forest in heaven and know why it was all worth it.
  • Those are beautiful names. <3
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