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Told to prepare for a loss

starting at 4 wks 5 days Hcg number was 337, 48 hours later 516, 72 hours later 817.
I was told by the Dr that things didn't look hopeful. Anyone ever have luck with slow rising numbers?
SSgt wife

Re: Told to prepare for a loss

  • je5sc0je5sc0
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    No advice but I am sorry you are going through that! Hoping for a good outcome for you.
  • No advice/experience, but FX for you!

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  • birdieMilabirdieMila
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    I started with only 24!
    I thought i was 4week 5 days
    He said: or, your not that far, or you are gonna have an mc.. You are probably gonna mc! He made me scared to!
    This was 06-08
    12-06 it was only 149.. Not that much higher.
    Didnt had any more bloodwork done.
    Now more then 3 weeks later the baby is still sticking, i heard the heartbeat of 160 and everything looked good!
    Aparently i had a very late ovulation and thats why the levels where so low.

    Dont be scared, only thing you can do is wait and dont stress!

    Hoping the best for you!
  • So sorry, hope things start looking more positive.
  • RRC216RRC216
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    Stay positive! Praying for you and baby!


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  • Thank you all so much!!
    SSgt wife
  • My HCG didn't quite double and I was also told to prepare for miscarriage. For what it's worth, I'm now 8 weeks with a healthy HB! I still worry, of course, but HCG is not the end all, he all. Fingers crossed for you!

  • Thank you for this response. I'm so glad things turned out well for you. It's so emotionally exhausting. Makes me feel a little better.☺️
    SSgt wife
  • I know, @mlssharrison! It sucks! Hang in there, thinking of you!

  • MrsJG3MrsJG3
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    FX crossed for you!
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  • Fx and thoughts for you.
  • Fx and happy thoughts sent your way
  • Serious question - from what I know about HCG - your numbers seem reasonable for 4-5 wks and are doubling in the 48-72hr time-frame... Is there another reason the doctor is concerned or am I just missing something with HCG numbers?

    FXed that everything is okay!
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  • Good luck to you.  I know how much the waiting sucks

  • Thats scary! Hang in there mama!

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  • I don't have any advice, and I don't want to fill you with false hope or anything, but I follow a youtube family and they do daily vlogs. With their son who was just born they were told that they were most likely going to MC. Obviously he is here now, but it was heartbreaking to watch them try and stay positive. Their channel is EllieandJared. You might just watch some of their vlogs and see if it sounds familiar and helps at all. If nothing else they are a great family and very inspirational. Good luck to you. I hope this baby sticks!

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  • Did you have any cramping or spotting? Or is your only symptom low levels
  • Don't read too much into your HCG levels. My midwife had me panicked because my HCG levels weren't doubling. I went to an early pregnancy assessment clinic and the ob did an ultrasound and said that my baby was perfectly healthy and that they shouldn't have even had me take the test as I was past 6 weeks and at that point taking a test was pointless. I have now switched care providers as they put me under a lot of unnecessary stress which you don't need as a new mom! Good luck!!
  • The best thing to do is to stop the blood work its only gone stress u out u are either gone carry or miscarry best to jus let ur body decide wish u da best
  • I am going through the same thing as we speak! This morning I have an ultrasound to see if we can find anything. My doc told me she does not think it will be a healthy pregnancy. I have no cramps no bleeding! I am actually ignoring what she says and talking to my little bean positive!!

    My HCG levels:
    18dpo - 257
    23dpo - 571
    26dpo- 950

    Will post again what we find today. Praying for you as this is a horrible stressful situation.
  • Praying for you guys that are going thru this I did a couple months ago n it was so stressful hope u all bean prove em wrg
  • Great news, @Stephsizzle!

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    SMEJ born 6.5.2016
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  • My hcg levels went from
    20 dpo: 319
    22 dpo: 445
    25 dpo: 1400

    There's a good chance yours could do the same :) I know it's hard to stay positive sometimes sending you T&P good luck!
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