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When did you tell your other children?

sorry if this has been posted already, but I was wondering when you told your other children you were expecting? I'll be 10 weeks at the end of the week and haven't told my 3 and 6 year old yet...

Re: When did you tell your other children?

  • l4rkl4rk member
    We told my 11 year kid stepson the morning before we told our parents (10 weeks), but that was basically because we wanted to tell them and he was going to be there when they found out, so we wanted him to have the chance to process without an audience. We weren't sure how he would feel. With younger kids, I would tell them whenever you are ready for everyone else to be told... small children are terrible secret-keepers!
  • I told my almost 3 yr old at 8 weeks. She can't keep a secret and we were telling everyone that weekend.
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  • (10, 8, 4) Right away. I was nervous how my older 2 would react. They were fine with it. Although, the ended up telling their friends moms. 
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  • I told my son this weekend at 12w2d. I wanted to wait until I was 16 plus weeks because our loss in Jan really put him down. We ended up telling him earlier because we are going to my in laws and they just bought a crib for us (they are way too excited). He is a super bright 7yr old I think he would of most certainly caught on and I wanted to give him time to digest it without company present.
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  • Thanks ladies! Yeah, I know my 2 won't keep their mouths shut haha we are going to start telling people in a week or so and I don't want to leave them out....

    It's always nice to have people bounce information off of
  • I told my daughter right away but she's 2 and had no clue what I was saying and still doesn't get it. So there was no risk and she's not telling anyone so I wasn't worried.
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  • I told my son right away, but he's only 2. Now he puts his hand on my belly and says, "Baby." And when I first showed him my 12 week ultrasound, he kissed it and smiled so big. I know he doesn't really understand, but he is just the sweetest thing.
  • We told my 13 year old stepdaughter and 9 year old stepson at 12.5 weeks, a day before we told everyone else. We knew they'd be too excited to keep it a secret, so we waited until we were ok with the rest of the world knowing too :).
  • sck601sck601 member
    Told my DD (2) right away, since she doesn't really understand still and told my SD (6) at 8 weeks, because that's when we picked her up from her moms house for the summer.

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  • I told my boys, 5 and 1, right away. The 5 year old doesn't seem to really care and the 1 year old is always running up to my belly yelling baby. I also told my whole family pretty much the week I found out. If I wanted to keep it a secret I would not have told my kids. You never know what and when they are going to say something.
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  • We're not telling our 4 year old until right before we tell family. My parents and SO parents babysit my son once or twice a week so I know he would say something. We are telling family after my ultrasound next week at almost 13 weeks.
  • I told my LO and my husband at the same time, right after I took the test...
    My sweet daughter is 13mo old (so she was 11mo at the time - we found out at 4wks) so she doesn't really understand. She says "baby" now, and points to babies, like on the diaper box, etc. I'm not sure she'll understand until baby is here, or at least until I get a big belly.
  • We have an ultrasound with the high risk doctor when I'm 12w3d. If that goes well we will tell our 5 year old daughter that night. She has been praying for a sibling.
  • We told our kids (ages 5.5, 3.5, and 2) this past weekend when I was 12 weeks 5 days. I wanted to wait longer this time because of our past miscarriage and how it has affected them. They are ecstatic for twins!
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  • My LO walked into the room while I was testing, and being a 4 year old, he is extremely curious and needs to know what everything is. We'd been trying, and he has been asking for a sibling, so I told him what I was doing, and what it meant. That's him hugging my belly in my profile pic right after we watched the two lines appear! :):) He is over the moon excited, and I love that we got to share that moment together.
  • My daughter that is under 2 doesn't understand and we told our 4 year old at 9.5 weeks once we passed our latest loss milestone (3 miscarriages). All that our 4yo talks about is how she wants a BOY baby since she already has a sister. Hope that this one delivers!
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  • We told them almost right away.
  • We told our 5 year old at 7 weeks. I was so sick she was getting worried.


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  • We told our 2 year old DS right away.
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  • We told them right away. I was so sick we couldn't keep it a secret. They are 5 and 8.
  • I'm 10 weeks and we haven't told our kids yet (8 and almost 5) because we know they will tell everyone once they know, lol.
    I should be getting a dating scan soon, and we will probably tell them at that time, and then everyone else can know too.
    I'm pretty sure they will both be super excited, though my 8yr old son might just play it "cool". lol.
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  • TVL25TVL25 member
    We just told our 7yr old Monday at lunch. I was 10w4d. We had been trying to feel him out to see how he would react to another sibling (we have two other boys 2 and 3yrs old) Needless to say, he said he was happy with just his brothers and did not want another "baby baby" in the house. I was a nervous wreck to tell him! He kept asking if we were "for real" and if it was a lie eek! He seems much more excited now and really wants us to find out if it's a boy or girl. The 2 and 3 year old don't really have any idea what's going on so we just keep reminding them to be gentle with mom because there is a baby in her belly! Can't wait to see how they all react when baby is here!
  • SullyNSullyN member
    We told our 4.5 year old the morning before we announced to extended family (and later in the day on social media). He can't keep a secret so we waited until we were comfortable with the world knowing. He then told our extended family at a cookout for us and has been very helpful with informing all strangers he sees during the day. 

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  • SovvySovvy member
    We told him right away but didn't talk about it much (still aren't) because he's a snitch. Lol.

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