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Update - Declining HCG Levels

Hello! It looks like my post has gone missing in the software update (even when I search it, the link takes me to someone else's post), but I wanted to give you ladies the good news: my baby is fine!

My rookie midwife overreacted, made it sound like there was very little hope and had me sobbing all last night for no darn reason. It turns out that you CAN spot from weeks 6-10, have minimal other symptoms and declining HCG levels at 11 weeks, AND that it's all normal.

The US tech said everything looks great, my baby was measuring right on schedule, with a good heartbeat. I saw it moving around! Such a relief. She let me take a pic of the screen even though she isn't supposed to. :)

So, ladies, it ain't over til it's over and even the pros aren't perfect.
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Re: Update - Declining HCG Levels

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