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daycare overfeeding breastfed baby

I have a 6 month old in an in home daycare. I was sending 4 4oz bottles plus baby food plus cereal...she ate it all & the daycare provider said she was "still hungry". I then sent 4 5oz bottles (yes I woke in the night to pump just to have enough). Daycare lady said she was still eating it all & that at one time she had an 8oz bottle! Of breastmilk! Im almost in tears because I know Im making enough and feel its being wasted. Any thoughts here?!

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  • When my son was 6 months he nursed like a newborn, it was exhausting (growth spurt). I'm sorry I don't know volumes but I remember thinking thank goodness I am not going back to work right now he is nursing sooo much.
  • That has to be so frustrating for you! has a great caresheet about 'Bottle feeding the breastfed Baby', maybe you could print that out. At that age it could be possible she's going through a growth spurt and really is hungry, hopefully you can get to the bottom of the issue quickly and get it resolved.
  • If it is a growth spurt, the other side of that is that my kids refused additional bottles at daycare and started reverse cycling (waiting for me to get home, eating every two hours all night) --- ironically I guess it's sleep deprivation either way (pumping overnight versus up overnight).

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  • My first kid regularly took 6-8oz per feed. He is 2 now and eats a bigger breakfast than I do. Can't wait til he's a teenager

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  • My first kid regularly took 6-8oz per feed. He is 2 now and eats a bigger breakfast than I do. Can't wait til he's a teenager

    My 2 week old will take down a 3oz bottle and then be crying for more 30 minutes later. She sleeps long stretches at night, so I think she just likes to really fill up during the day. I suspect this might be my future as well.
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  • Look up Paced Bottle Feeding and talk to your daycare provider about it. It's a more preferred method of bottle feeding for breastfed babies that help them to pace themselves and not overfeed. The way you bottle feed can seriously effect the way your baby is taking in food. If she is gulping down 8oz of breast milk in one sitting, she may need a slower flow nipple (I only use slow flow, your milk doesn't flow from your nipple any faster as your baby gets older, why should your bottle). And I would not send anymore than 3 oz in a bottle at a time. You can always send more bottles, just smaller increments, that way the daycare provider has to pause and go get more milk, forcing a pause in feeding and helping your baby to pace themselves too!
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