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Ok let's be honest...

How many of you are actually making it a point to workout on a regular basis? I've been super lazy lately, now 34w 4d. The most exercise I get is from cleaning the house on the daily and being on my feet all day at work (3days a week). I know a good brisk daily walk would help but Houston, TX this time of year is SO HOT. So I find myself randomly doing squats or stretching. But not consistent. Please tell me you ladies do so I am re-motivated to get my butt moving!!!!

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  • kclg10kclg10 member
    Currently I lift weights 2-3 times a week and attend a Zumba class or two. I used to go to the gym 5-6 times a week but it's been getting harder and harder to get the energy to get up and go! I am hoping to continue lifting until the end!

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  • I was going to HIIT class 3 days a week. Dropped down to 2x a week when Turkish get-ups got too difficult.
  • I'm lucky to walk half the time...LOL!  Seriously though, I hated to exercise before pregnancy and I really hate it now.  In fact, my doc told me not to (because of my SPD, GD, fast heart rate, and high BP).  I will have to work my arse off to get back into some kind of shape after the baby is born...but I'm near Houston too and I can tell you, I probably won't start anything outside until atleast September so some of this horrible humidity is gone!!  

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  • mrsb30mrsb30 member
    I exercise regularly, but not as intense as I did before pregnancy. I really wanted to keep up my workouts the whole pregnancy, but I've slacked. I used to do strength training and cardio at the gym. For the last month I have just been walking 5-6 days a week for 30 min. I figure it's better than nothing and I'll get my routine back after pregnancy.
  • I'm still trying (key word "trying") to walk at least 2 miles a day.  For a while, I was following that up with quick 10 minute arm or leg workouts, but I haven't been as consistent with that.  But walking really does make me feel better!
  • I try to swim everyday and that's about all the exersise I get lol.
  • I was a work out but before I got pregnant. I'm actually pretty disappointed in myself for not being as active as I had wanted to be in this pregnancy. However, with the type of work I do-when I'm off I need to be relaxing. It's just not feasible :(

    It's cool though. I know exactly what to do to get my body back after this :)
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  • I chase after my 2 year old, but besides that, no. I have such frequent BH contractions I always feel like I should be laying down and trying to get them to slow whenever I'm not chasing her, so I have been pretty unproductive this pregnancy overall.
  • I walk my dog everyday. He is a breed that needs at least an hour of exercise a day so I'm getting it too. With the heat wave here it is harder.
  • I am fairly active with the work I do but working out? Nope. I do walk a lot, but I don't make a point to do it every day. :| I had lost 15 lbs last year and then gained it back right before I got pregnant :( hoping to maybe get into running and zumba again after baby gets here. The depressing thing is I have two weddings to attend (one to be a bridesmaid in!) A month after my due date. I really want to look skinny and fabulous but I'm not going to stress if I don't...
  • Does running errands count?? I was doing well with going to the gym/ walking at least 3-4 miles a day, which is why I gained little to no weight in the first/second trimester but that has all come to a screeching halt! My ankles swell up so much when I'm on them, and I'm usually so achy by the end of the day that I don't feel like it! I'm disappointed in myself because I used to be such a workout fanatic in college because of soccer. Oh well! I'm going to try and start walking again, even if it's just a little ways!
  • I live in Houston area and all I can do is walk 20-30 minutes a few times a week. Its hard for me to get motivated since I need to put on sun screen and bug spray every time I step out. 
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  • I have too much pain to work out. And it's 95 degrees at 8 am here in San Antonio.
  • I had a couple of glitches early in my pregnancy that have led to me being completely lazy. The last two weeks I've regretted it though.
  • Oh, did I mention how hot it has been in North Carolina the last few weeks? 100s+... No thanks! It has been in the upper 90s by 8am usually!
  • Exercise!?! I can't even stand up for five minutes without feeling like im going to pasd out. From my past experiences after the baby is born, the breastfeeding shrink my body down. So I'm not going to worry about it to much, even tho I did weigh more before this pregnancy than I ever have before.
  • I'm pretty disappointed in myself I was really active pre-pregnancy but I've gotten progressively more and more lazy. The first trimester I was on the elliptical for 30 mins at least three times a week. But by 22ish weeks I had all but stopped. The heat index here in NC has been over 100 for weeks and the baby is pinching my sciatic nerve so just getting off the couch hurts. But my husband and I go on a brisk walk, at least a mile and half to two miles at least three times a week. I was going to start yoga this week but then the sciatic nerve pain kicked up. I'm going to try to start yoga again next week.
  • HMLandersHMLanders member
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    I do Crossfit 3-4x per week. it's starting to get a little rough though! Hoping to continue until the end!
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  • I was doing really good, like 3-4 days a week for an hour or so. Eliptical + weights. But I have seriously slacked in the last month. Need to get moving again, I feel like a blob. Doesn't help that work is crazy busy so getting out of the office on my lunch break just doesn't happen. After work I have to go straight home and start cleaning the kitchen so I can cook dinner. Then after the family is fed and I have cleaned everything up and done the dishes, I'm lucky if I have the energy to walk the dog. I can't wait to feel like me again...
  • Still working out regularly although not my usual workouts. My typical workout is running daily and strength training every other day. Now down to power walking daily and squats (when I'm up to it ha) every other day. I feel so much better this pregnancy and I really think it has to do with exercise. With my first I didn't do anything!

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  • Didn't exercise before my pregnancy and I'm not exercising now due to exhaustion and pain but definitely getting in the gym after. I've seen way too many ladies have babies and keep the body they have left afterwards (no offense to anyone). I've always liked my body and refuse to not go back to it even in the slightest way, even with stretch marks.
  • Nope nada after work I feel like I can hardly move. Then on my days off in running around doing eveything I can't get done on work days. So to be honest working out is the last thing I want to be doing :-)
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  • I got out of shape in the first trimester from being so sick and tired all of the time! My exercise is being on my feet all day at work and looking after our home lol but have been doing a lot of sitting and resting lately (33 wks 1 day) we are going through a heat wave and I'm too big and tired to care anymore!
  • No way. I'm way to weak with this anemia that I have.
  • I was doing really well... I kept up with running until 26w, with pure barre until 30 weeks. Lately I try to get in a 30 minute brisk walk or some light squats or arm weights on the yoga ball. I tried prenatal yoga but in no way felt that counted as a workout.

    Really, it's hot, she's heavy in my pelvis, I have insane heartburn, and all I really feel like doing is laying on the couch eating donuts. All the donuts.

  • aj0803aj0803 member
    I have been doing yoga and walking at least 3x a week since about 20 weeks. The second trimester was definitely easier to maintain consistency but at 35 weeks I do go some weeks where I only walk/do yoga only once, and I feel sooooo guilty! I have to constantly remind myself that growing a baby is a workout and that I'm active even if I don't feel like I am :) 
  • I do the elliptical 2-3x a week. I was walking the other days but I can no longer push 80lb of kids and stroller up these hills in the summer Heat.

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    I worked out until I got pregnant and had healthy shakes every morning. Then I could not take the consistency of the shakes without tossing my cookies. The exercising stopped shortly afterwards. I only gained 17 lbs so far and it's all belly. I am sure I will snap back into shape quickly once I pick up my routine again after baby comes. I have my trainer on standby lol.
  • I don't blame you for not wanting to walk in this weather- I'm in Waco- it's plain unsafe, actually. I have still been going to the Y for Zumba twice a week and taking my 2yo swimming once a week. I'm afraid if I miss a Zumba class I'll be done for the rest of the pregnancy... I definitely am not moving like I was before, though, and I'm sure I look ridiculous but oh well.

    I didn't work out at all last pregnancy and I really think my recovery and getting back in shape would have been a lot easier had I kept up with it but I was paranoid about miscarrying (even though I had no reason to worry). I really regretted not continuing to workout.
  • I am exercising, usually hiking 4-5 days a week for 3.5 miles. I throw in some prenatal Pilates for 10-30 mins on days when I don't have any energy. I am in MI though and I cannot imagine I'd be doing this in 90 degree weather. I like our cool 60 degree morning:-).
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  • Joie80Joie80 member
    I shoot for 5x a week. It's getting harder and harder as we progress
  • gmd88gmd88 member
    I worked out regularly and intensely pre pregnancy. I worked out lighter until about week 20 this pregnancy. Then I gave up due to sciatic pain, hip pain and exhaustion... I felt it was an accomplishment just to get thru the work day after 20 weeks.. I had to admit I wasn't superwoman and that that was OK.
  • I used to workout 3hrs a day 3-4 days/per week.  But it was just too much for my body.  I'm just listening to my body now.  After a long hiatus of dormancy, I have gotten myself back on the stationary bike and I do exercises around my house. Little workouts here and there while I cook and clean, just to keep my body moving.  I think as long as you can keep yourself moving, you're doing you and your baby some good!
  • my intention was to go for a walk with my husband and dog every evening, but Mother Nature has screwed that up for me. it got super hot and humid here early (so much for spring) and now it's been raining every day for the last 2+ weeks :(
  • I hate working out pregnant or not. Walking is a workout enough, but I do love prenatal yoga. It's less 'exercise' and more a nice, relaxing, and gentle stretch. I feel like it helped prepare me for labor a little bit with some stretches and breathing techniques.  
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