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Food question

is it okay to eat tuna? I had this tuna pasta dish thing at a party I thought it was chicken until I got really far into eating it and could actually taste the difference.

Anyways, it was so damn good!! I want more right now!! Well if it's okay then I was going to get the recipe and make it for the 4th of July.

Anyone that can let me know if it's okay or not...thank you!!
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Re: Food question

  • My understanding is that it is fine to eat, but no more than once a week.
  • Yep,  As PP said, it's okay in moderation. Whatever you do, do not deny yourself tuna noodle casserole!

  • I've allowed myself to some fish past few months. I refer to low Mercury level fishes chart you can find on google. Some weeks I have 2 serving, some weeks I have nothing.
  • ^Agree, ^agree, ^agree.
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    I've been following these guidelines regarding fish during pregnancy:
  • All of the things PP said, also, canned "light" tuna is lower mercury than white or albacore, so you may be even safer off than you realize.
    PS: Please share the recipe when you get it! I love "tuna pasta dish things".

  • I absolutely love seafood and it's what I've been craving, I stay away from the fish my doctor advised but we have crab, shrimp, salmon once a week. My previous OB said canned tuna once a week was fine....
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