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Any advice from other Catholic mommas?

I am a STM and suffered from preeclampsia in my last pregnancy. Luckily, I was already 36 weeks and went in to labor naturally and so avoided any moral dilemma. However, I want to keep in teaching with the Catholic medical ethics guidelines should preeclampsia hit me this pregnancy. Does anyone know the protocol for if preeclampsia becomes a danger to the mother's life? I know that abortion is still not an option, but is it possible to induce labor at very early stages of pregnancy? Just wondering if anyone knew the official teaching on this one...

Re: Any advice from other Catholic mommas?

  • My step-sister's bp was very high for her entire pregnancy. She was put on medications to control it for the majority but by 30 weeks she needed to be hospitalized and ultimately her son was born via c-section at 32 weeks. They didn't want to induce her because her bp was so bad. 6 months later and mother and son are doing great.
    The moral is that your doctor may induce early if they have exhausted all avenues to control your bp. I would just ensure that you do everything you can at home to control your bp and make sure you are going to all of your appointments/communicating with your doctor about your concerns.
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    If you attend church regularly wouldn't there be someone that could counsel you?

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  • Hi @Emott13 I'm Catholic. I've never seen anyone at church who would be able to help with this (pretty sure my priests and pastors wouldn't know what preeclampsia is, but I would think there are resources online. Also my understanding (which could be incorrect from a canon law perspective) is that abortion is permitted when necessary to save the mother's life (because the objective of the act is to actually save a life, and the death of the baby is just a terrible byproduct of a proper purpose). But someone with actual religious training should be able to confirm that for you.
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    As a Catholic, I agree with the previous posts.  The object of our belief is to value life.  You can interpret that, and speak with your priest about how you're feeling.  Personally, I interpret a lot of things myself.  We're told contraceptives are wrong, and I wouldn't argue with any Catholic who stands by this but for me...condoms were a must until we were ready- family planning wasn't enough.  I feel comfortable with my decision and would be able to talk to God about that.  

    Under any normal circumstance I'm pro-life...100%.  However, I wouldn't chastise a mother who made a decision for medical reasons, that resulted in the BEST outcome for both her and her child.  I agree with @ChrissyD1203 that canon law would not fault a mother for having to make such a terrible decision. 

    Speak with your priest.  He may not know medically what's going on, but he can help you work through this.  

    I would also speak with your doctor so you're aware of your options at each stage of pregnancy.  Medicine is incredible and can do a lot more than we even know.
  • Thanks, ladies! Just confirmed a lot of my suspicion. :) My priest is both foreign and has minimal education (he grew up in the former USSR) and he is an amazing priest, but not a guy I would assume has this answer offhand... And I've heard that doctors are legally obliged to save your life, NOT worry about the ethics of their decision, so I worry about asking my doctor's opinion. Perhaps my pastor CAN give me a resource to ask, though. Thanks for the suggestion! :)
  • If it was a life or death situation for you right now, I don't think the baby can survive on it's own can it? If that's the case, it's saving you or nothing isn't it? I just can't imagine any Catholic or non-Catholic that would say you should put both your and baby's life at risk to avoid abortion. I know we all have different feelings, and I consider myself 100% pro-life (if I was raped I would still have the baby), but I would certainly get an abortion if needed to save my life. It would be devastating - like I'm tearing up thinking about it, but I would do it.
  • Not that she's Catholic but certainly a huge propnent for "pro life" but Michele Duggar delivered Josie super early due to Pre-E. 
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    I'm catholic and I've never heard of any doctrine that says you can't induce or have a csection if needed. You have to do what is medically necessary. I think it's a little early to talk abortions without considering medication and diet to help your bp.
  • If you would take an action pregnant or not to save a mother's life, you may take that action while pregnant without breaking with the church. For example, if you were going to bleed to death without a hysterectomy you can have it. Or the classic, if you have cancer and need chemotherapy, you can have it even though it would end the fetuses life.

    I honestly don't know what life threatening effects preeclampsia has to advise on that. It's more to do with intent than than the act itself. Source: trying to remember 13 years of Catholic school lessons
  • Also know that because you had issues with your blood pressure with your first, your doctor will be keeping an extra close eye on them and any symptoms you should have with this pregnancy. They would treat you medically and make sure you have the best chance of having a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. Though because of your history with it, your chances of having this time are higher, but hopefully by making it to 36 weeks with your first, your chances of making it close to that same gestation this time are good as well

    As far as being catholic goes, I am a practicing catholic, and agree with what some of the other PP have said, if you were too early to deliver (before 24 weeks), the doctors and you would have that discussion and do what they had to to save your life.

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