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Breast pump to induce labor

I searched and didn't see anything written. Have any of you felt tempted to hook up your pump to induce labor? It's said that 1-3 hours of nipple stimulation can bring on labor but I can't just sit here playing with myself for 3 hours. Just curious. I'm worried it would suck out my colostrum otherwise I would have done it already.

Re: Breast pump to induce labor

  • From what I've read, your colostrum is not "limited" you will still produce what you need to when baby is born. I've also read that you can pump to induce but you should pump on the lowest level and only if you've reached full term or is medically necessary. Inducing before baby is ready is dangerous. But I've pumped to induce. To kinda get the ball rolling, I also heard that it helps with milk production when baby is born that way nurses don't try to push formula on you when you want to strictly breastfeed. I don't want to use formula if I don't have to so I will be pumping to make sure I'm ready. Hope that helped. =)
  • Thanks! That did help. I'm 39 +1 and I'm in so much joint pain, I'm ready for her to come! Plus I'm not 100% sure how to use my pump so maybe this will help!
  • Good to know. I want to EBF for at least six months so this would be good to get milk production on the right path.
  • First time using the pump! Lol it made me yelp! So weird!
  • Nipple stimulation may cause contractions, but they won't necessarily do anything to dilate your cervix or put you in "labor." Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but baby won't come until it's ready!! The only thing that helped induce me was Pitocin ;)
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  • I get colostrum out with the pump...but get more contractions with nip stimulation by hand. Been doing it off and on all week...but the contractions always fade away and my cervix hasn't dilated anymore. I'm 40wk +2 ...guess my oven isn't hot enough! Lol
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  • I've tried it the past 2 nights I didn't produce any colostrum at all b4 DS1 until after he was born with this one it's mainly just a few drops and like previous post even you if are producing a lot now it's not going to run out its like milk so on to your question it's does bring on contractions after maybe half an hour after an hour their really painful so I usually stop the contractions have gotten down to about 4 min but then I stop to see if they keep going o their own and I get up and walk around but they die down so no luck yet I'll let you know if it actually works
  • When we use the breast pump in the birthing center to induce labor, or augment labor (meaning the contractions have spaced out), we use the following instructions.

    do one breast at a time.  5 min on one side, then 5 on the other, then 5 min break.  Plan on doing this for 2 hours at least.
    Use the lowest setting.  you are not trying to extract colostrum, just stimulate the nipple and stretch the areola.  
    Save any colostrum you have.  You can always feed it to the baby once he/she gets here!
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