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First internal exam at 35 weeks. OUCH!

So yesterday started our every week appointments (ekkk it's almost time) and the Dr. asked if I wanted him to check and see if I was dilated at all. So I figured I guess sure, might as well check, can't be that bad. WOW, that was not gentle at all!!!!!!! I knew it was gonna hurt but nothing like it did and then I was bleeding afterwards. It wasn't a constant flow like to be worries about but just kinda freaked me out. Anyone else have this issue or just experience being checked and it hurt more then they thought it would?

I know I shouldn't  be shocked and more/worse pain is to come but just curious if anyone else felt this.

Good Luck to all! :)

Re: First internal exam at 35 weeks. OUCH!

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  • hclzmm14hclzmm14 member
    edited June 2015
    I haaaaated those last time. I always bled and it made my mucous plug come out every freaking week which is DISGUSTING. So this time I'm going to tell my OB thanks but no thanks. On the bright side you got a little taste of what contractions can feel like. Fun, right? ;)
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  • Yep I totally agree with @Miz_Liz . No one is sticking fingers up me unless I'm in L&D.
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  • It only hurt me when my doctor stripped my membranes (separating it waters from the uterus).
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  • With my first pregnancy I never really found them painful, but definitely pointless.  I was first told I was dilated 2cm and then 4cm a week later.  I walked around like that for another week and a half wondering "what the hell!".  It really doesn't mean much about when you'll actually go into labor, so I don't find it necessary.
  • I hate them! I'll be having a c-section, but my dr checks me anytime I complain of contractions. I had to get checked yesterday bc I had lost my mucus plug over the weekend.
  • Thanks to the ladies on this board from prior posts, I will be declining these checks.
  • My doctor said he won't start doing them until my due date (or labor obviously) and after reading your experiences im glad!
  • I personally never found them to be painful. I would be a little crampy afterwards and spot but not bad. I had my gbs swab yesterday and doc offered to check but I declined. They are very easy going and didn't question why .

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  • WeringWering member
    I only ever found them to be painful when someone with extremely short fingers checked me - and they needed to push REALLY hard to judge :) 
  • KateDerekKateDerek member
    edited June 2015
    Yep, once I had my first check with my first son, I decided it was pointless and only got checked if I needed to. No matter how far or not far I was dilated it never really made a difference so why take my pants off if I don't need to. This time around its my third, so my plan is still the same. Only do it if I have to. Maybe get membranes stripped at the end but that's it.
  • This may be tmi but when I went to the hospital one nurse had me lay completely flat on my back then when she checked me she had me bring my pelvis up from the bed. This allowed for a better angle which hurt way less. The first nurse didn't tell me what to do. So maybe you could automatically get in that position and thrust your pelvis upward next time.
  • I'm so glad I read this, I didn't even know they would ask about this! I will definitely say no thank you. 
  • Thanks everyone for the comments/suggestions. :) I think I will definitely be passing next time on this.

  • I had one done when I was in the hospital a few weeks ago and it was very painful. No more for me.
    Always hold on to hope ❤
  • This is why I refuse. They are pointless anyway (in a low risk pregnancy)...
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  • abbybaby19abbybaby19 member
    edited June 2015
    I had no idea you could refuse these the last time I was pregnant and they hurt so bad my eyes would tear up. Im so glad I know these are optional now. Ill definitely be holding off on any cervical exams until labor. Luckily you dont have to have another one until then either, if you dont want to.
  • Do you think OBs are more likely to insist on an induction if they note you've been dilated since they started their weekly checks?
    My OB told me she would start cervical checks for all my appointments until the baby is here. Of course we had this conversation before I saw this thread :(

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  • I don't see why they would need to go to induction if your body is showing (mind you VERY early) signs it's getting ready. Next time you're in, just tell them you don't want cervical checks unless there is an extenuating medical reason besides curiousity. You have to consent. As my doula put it, this isn't the 60s back when a dr would just walk in stick his fingers up to your cervix X_X
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  • gulimzgulimz member
    I had it checked at 20 wks when I had a scare. It was terrible. I will not have this checked till I'm in the l&d...
  • I had one when we went to L&D to check on some bleeding I had several weeks ago. They wanted to make sure I wasnt dialated any. It was uncomfortable I will say, so I had seen this conversation before on here and decided I would tell my doctor no thank you if not necessary for any health reasons for LO. However, I was looking on the general timeline for my Dr. and it just says pelvic exam for each week appt. beginning at 36 weeks. So im not really sure how to go about it yet. It seems to me they arent going to ask, just tell me. So i guess my response is going to be that I have had a low risk pregnancy with no issues thus far (they had no concern about my L&D visit) and ask if they have any health concerns to lead to needing it? If they say they are just checking for dialation, I just say no thanks??
  • Yep, I'd just say that I would prefer not to. If this is met with anything besides ok, then ask them directly why you couldn't forgo them. What risk is involved? See if there is an opposition if they give you any reason you feel is valid.
    Obviously when you had L&D experience they would have countered with wanting to know with the bleeding if dialation was occurring in order to treat it. That ofcourse is a great reason. I can't see what reason in that ballpark they would give for weekly office checks.
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  • Got this done with my first and i went into labor the same night!!! I was 37 weeks 2 days short of being 38.
  • My dr doesn't check unless requested, until you are in l&d. Thankfully because I remember the checks at l&d last time being unpleasant.
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  • I've planned to decline until labor. At my 34 week appt yesterday the doctor mentioned that they are anti-cervical checks at the practice unless you think you are having contractions. She said that if you're not in labor they're really pointless. I love her.
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