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Ahhhh! Just saw my bean for the FIRST TIME!

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my husband and I are over the moon!!! We did our first ultrasound and baby measured at 11w5d and we were going off me being 12w2d so just a couple days difference -- no due date change! I can't believe it! It was AMAZING! We got to see the little one doing all sorts of acrobatics and stretching! I'm in love ❤️

Re: Ahhhh! Just saw my bean for the FIRST TIME!

  • Omg!!! It looks like a real baby already!!!! So cute! I can't wait to see mine again! I have to wait until 20 weeks :(
  • Congrats! Havent seen ours since week 7. Excited to get another look on 7/17! Its amazing how quickly they are growing
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  • lrayaslrayas member
    How adorable! We get to see ours on Thursday for the first time. The wait is driving me crazy!
  • Oh my goodness isn't it great?? We saw ours for the first time on Thursday and LO was doing all sorts of acrobatics too! It was too cute. Only thing that sucked is the the tech gave us a cd with pics to take home, I look at them and she gave me 2 terrible pics. So blurry and one is of the baby's back. Like really? I didn't even get one good picture. I was disappointed. But I saw baby and that was an amazing moment!
  • Adorable!  Just a heads up, I would edit the picture and cover up all of your personal information.

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  • That is so incredibly sweet :)!!!
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