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I am just about 32 weeks!! My doctor just told me my iron is low. Anyone else have this problem? What are the best iron meds to take?

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  • My last appt my doc informed me my iron was on the low side and to just add an OTC iron suppliment (65mg) with my prenatal. You might want to ask your doc what they recommend you doing to up your iron.

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  • I had low iron too. OB gave me a script for it b/c insurance would cover it. Everyone's low iron needs are different. I am taking two 325mg a day. You might need more or less, so I'd call your doctor for recommendations.
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  • My actual hemoglobin (blood counts) are low due to low iron (I guess). I'm taking 180 mg twice a day. Slowly climbing, but I don't think I'll hit that magic number of 12 before delivery. (Last one was 10.9)
  • lap018lap018 member
    Yes it is very common during pregnancy to have low iron. My doctors nurse called me with my glucose tolerance results and said btw your iron is low we are calling you in a prescription. I now take 1 200mg iron supplement in addition to my prenatal per day.
  • I also have low iron. My doctor told me to take FeraMAX 150, I'm pretty sure it's over the counter and is a safe dosage for pregnant women.
  • My iron is low too and I'm taking Floradix. It's a liquid plant-based iron supplement and it's easy to absorb and doesn't cause constipation (at least for me!)
  • Thj417Thj417 member
    Low iron here too - started Ferex (prescription, has a built in stool softener hah!) a few weeks ago. I really feel better since being on it. I was having serious fatigue issues. My family was telling me to eat more red meat and spinach but that alone wasn't having any effect that I could tell.
  • At 29 weeks they told me I was anemic. I started to take an additional otc iron supplement (65mg) on top of my prenatal and the symptoms have gone away which is awesome! They are inexpensive too.
  • I would ask your doctor for a recommendation bc there are many doses. I also take iron (65mg) daily.
  • Hope your doin better and feeling better too. My iron was so low that my hematologist doctor checked everything like the saturation , ferritn and unsaturation levels. He had to give me iron infusions for the whole month and that did the trick. :-) did your doctor suggest infusions or iron pills?
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    I have been on iron for the last pill a day and today was bumped up to 2 pills a day as I have my c-section in 2.5 weeks.
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