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So darn tired! B12 anyone?

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Yea I know I'm pregnant. I even know I'm in the third trimester and it's going to get real "real" now. However anybody tried any B12 supplements for energy. I emailed my doctor this morning for approval. Just wondering if anyone has tried them.

Or what are you doing for an energy boost?

Re: So darn tired! B12 anyone?

  • I take B12 supplements, but it's because I'm vegan and it's the one vitamin / mineral you can't get from a plant-based diet.  B12 is a water soluable vitamin so you can't really get too much of it (you just pee it out if you do).

    I don't get an energy boost after taking it, but hopefully you do!  I've been feeling really tired too, but I think that's just because I only have five weeks until my due date and I'm not sleeping well with the heat combined with getting up all the time to pee.
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  • @pinkspringtulip doc said no :-( guess I'll just hope strawberries and pineapple do it for me
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  • I've got low iron so I'm taking iron (imagine that!). It's helped me just a little with my energy. I'm not gonna go and clean the entire house, but I'm also not on the verge of passing out all day long.
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