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Fetal tachycardia

i am 34 weeks along and I have spent the last week in the hospital being monitored 24 hours a day because my baby girl has a heart rate that fluctuates between 220 and 235 and has accelerations that go up so high the machine can't track them. Her baseline has been about 220 and it has been pretty consistent. Everything else looks perfect. Her heart (other than the rate) is functioning perfectly, she is moving the way they want her too, and she is developing right on track. They are planning on delivering her next week just before I'm 36 weeks. Does anyone have an experience like this? The doctors seemed stumped and I'm obviously extremely concerned. Any insight would be great!

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  • No experience but praying for an easy delivery for you and LO!
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  • I'm sorry, I don't, but praying for your sweet girl. Maybe she's just really excited to meet you!
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  • Sorry no experience but t&ps to you and baby on a smooth delivery. Sounds like she's doing great besides the hr!

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  • No experience, but sending thoughts and prayers your way!
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    Prayers for you and your sweet girl!
  • Praying for you both!
  • The doctors seem stumped??? Are you in a very small, rural hospital? Is it possible or has it been discussed to move you to a more advanced medical facility and see some more specialized physicians? 

    I'm sorry you're going through this. I'm glad she's doing well and I hope you're able to get the kind of medical care that makes you feel more comfortable.
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  • No experience with fetal. I'm an adult cardiology nurse. The best thing right now is that she is being monitored. I know it's scary. The babies baseline heart is higher than an adult so while she is tachy its not as high as it would be for an adult. Absolutly wares rents closer monitoring and it looks like you see getting the care you need. Try and relax and let the monitors do their thing. Try and get through the next week and then go from there. One step at a time mamma. Thoughts and prayers your way
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  • There is no cause to fetal tachycardia, but have they not discussed referring you to a fetal cardiologist? Sometimes they prescribe medications for the mother to take that will cross the placenta to the baby as management before she is born.

    After she is born she will likely be taken to a specialized unit for observation. If her tachycardia persists, they will probably do and EKG and possibly an echo. Both are painless and non invasive. Increased heart rate can be controlled with medications and in some cases, resolves as the baby grows. There are other options such as electrical cardio version or cardiac ablation. I don't mean to scare you, but to encourage you that there are several different approaches to treat elevated heart rates. I know it can sound scary, but modern medicine is amazing and this is something that can be managed. I hope everything works out quickly for you and your baby!
  • @megvaddi I was thinking all that but I didn't know it if they did that in infants so I kept my mouth shut. For once in my life
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  • Saratiff said:

    @megvaddi I was thinking all that but I didn't know it if they did that in infants so I kept my mouth shut. For once in my life

    Yep! The treatment for ST/SVT is actually extremely similar between adults and infants. Lots if the same drugs and interventions are used.
  • Thank you everyone and @megvaddi they have me seeing multiple specialists and discussed treating her tach with digoxin (sp?) but my heart rate hasn't really gone over 60 bpms so they don't want to treat her through me. As of right now they say she is tolerating it extremely well and they just want her to have more time before they deliver and run the necessary tests. It's just crazy to me that there is no concrete reason behind it. We do have a bit of SVT in the family but it is all still so worrisome.
  • Ah, that's makes sense in regards to the digoxin and your heart rate. I'm glad you're seeing all the right people and that your baby is otherwise doing well. I understand how frustrating it is to hear that there's no rhyme or reason behind this, but there is truly nothing that could have been done to cause or prevent it and you're doing the best you can to take good care of her. Hang in there!
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