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Where it hurts....

The overall places of things as the baby grows changes I am aware of that, this morning I had some pain just below my belly button which seemed high to me. Not terrible pain and not cramps, didn't really feel like gas either, just the uncomfortable type of pains. 9 weeks tomorrow is that about the place of where things are growing at this point? I have my next Dr. appt on Thursday and will for sure ask him but wanted to see what others who were due early in the month were feelings since hitting 8/9 weeks.

Re: Where it hurts....

  • I've been having those pains just below my belly button as well.I'm @ 9 weeks too and have been having the twinges of and on since last week. I have to say it's not as sore anymore though. I used some menthol balm on it and massaged a bit. No idea what it's caused by.
  • Glad it wasn't just me! It just seemed higher then the pains I had been having! Thanks for your reply @notasycophant

  • I pointed out to the doctor at my appointment yesterday where I was hurting, around my belly button and other areas of my abdomen and she said its just the uterus expanding and everything starting to shift. I am pretty petite so she thinks that has a lot to do with why I have had so much pain (not cramps). Obviously if anything gets too painful call your doctor, but it all sounds like normal pregnancy aches and pains. 
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  • It's not really painful, just one of those what is that feelings? I am pretty tall so it just didn't seem like it should be reaching so high yet, but it seems to be pretty common!
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    I've had little pains just below my rib cage on the left side and then almost in my groin. I think it's pretty normal! You're in good company. ;)
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  • Very normal. Just your baby getting things out of his/her way to keep growing. If you're ever worried though, make sure you let your doc know.

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  • Those are likely ligaments stretching--which is completely normal. Just your body getting ready for baby to grow. But you can check with your doctor when you meet with them too. 
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