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Tubal ligation

I had my 3rd baby on the 25th.. 3rd high risk pregnancy.. I made the decision to have my tubes tied, I know it was the right decision... But I'm a little sad that I will never be pregnant again.. Never have that newborn feeling once she grows up.. Which I cried today thinking about how she's not going to be a tiny baby forever... I know it's hormones.. But omg!! I'm having a hard time with this... :/
Like j said I know I did the right thing getting the tubal... But I'm a little sad

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    I plan on getting my tubes tied as well. I know it is the best thing for me and my family. I'm 38 and have had 4 losses (including a stillbirth at 24w last year). I can't mentally/physically do another pregnancy, as much as I'd love a larger family. I'm content with this plan mentally.

    I know it's going to make me sad later. It's just so final, even if it is right choice. ((Hugs)) I think what you are feeling is very normal.

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  • I wanted to get my tubes tied. But our only hospital is catholic and won't allow it. Ugh! So I'm doing alternate methods. I definitely understand where your coming from. This is my last pregnancy. We have 1 daughter and tried for one more kiddo and ended up getting pregnant with twins so we're done. But it is very sad that I'll never have a new born again. I think about that a lot. It's ok to be sad. Just remember someday you will have beautiful grand babies you can snuggle and spoil :)
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    No tubal ligation for me. I had mirena before trying for this LO and I liked it. More than anything I liked not getting a period with an IUD.
    I have a son, and this will baby will be our girl. No sad feelings yet about not being pregnant again tho.
  • Thanks ladies. I'm glad I'm not the only one... I keep telling myself to just relax and enjoy her now! She's so amazing
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    I'm debating to get my tubes tied but when I really think about it I do get sad.
  • I'm getting my tubes tied tomorrow as long as little guy comes today (currently induced). I've been emotional for the last week bc I will never feel the little kicks and movements again. I've had horrible luck with my last 3 pregnancies and have a miracle baby right now. My body is just too tired or can't handle it anymore. The decision stinks but it is for the best. That's the only way I seem to get through the emotional stuff. I still cry but I'm getting better.
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