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low heart rate at 6w 3d

the heart beat at my first ultrasound this week was what they called "on the low end of normal". 80-90 hbpm. I'm scheduled for a second ultrasound next week. I'll be 7 weeks, 3 days. I'm just hoping for the best next week and want to know if anyone has had a similar situation?

Re: low heart rate at 6w 3d

  • KBJ-SEJ married 8.18.2012
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    MMC 7.2.2015 @ 5w5d
    SMEJ born 6.5.2016
    BFP 6.8.2018 EDD 02.18.2019

  • I had an U/S at 5 weeks 3 days and the HR was 95... Which I was told was low. Then my MW told me she didn't feel it was a viable pregnancy ( she said the HR could have been mine) But when I just went to my 8 week 3 day U/S there was a very healthy HR of 165! Every pregnancy is different and so is every baby, 5 and 6 weeks is very early for U/S and the baby will grow a lot in the matter of a couple of weeks it depends on when you implanted! I'm sure you will be fine! Good luck!!
  • I went for a scan at 5w6d and saw a heartbeat but the OB told me that the doppler would pick up my own hearbeat and rather not to make me panic would wait until my next scan. As she only gets an accurate reading from after 7 weeks

    Baby only measured at 0,28mm which is my biggest worry. My next scan is only at 11 weeks which leave 3 weeks of waiting.
  • I was in a similar situation. I went in at 6weeks 2 days due to brown spotting, the heartbeat was only 93bpm. My doctor told me to prepare for the worst as it was really low and due to the spotting.
    However with lots of positive thoughts the spotting went away and I went in at 8 weeks with a heart beat of 156bpm.
    So stay positive !!!
    6 weeks is still really early and the heart is just starting to beat, I'm sure everything is fine.
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