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Boy FN for MN Thomas

Ugh. Just found out baby is a boy (yay!) and now it's time for a name. We have a list but now hubs says he's not sure since we're no longer naming a hypothetical son. MN must be Thomas (though I could probably convince a switch to Eugene) due to family names. Our DD's name is Emeri Nicole for sibset comparisons. Looking for feedback on current list plus new ideas. Last name rhymes with Peter.

Caleb Thomas *my fav
Ezekiel Thomas
Elijah Thomas

Previous pregnancy we were dead set on Ethan Thomas, but now that name is everywhere in our area. Plus hubs is a teacher so I'm also battling negative connotations left and right due to the number of students be teaches. TIA!

Re: Boy FN for MN Thomas

  • I think Caleb pairs well with your daughter's name since it has a more modern feel than William or Jasper. Grant would be my second choice. All the E names would be too matchy with Emeri. Caleb Thomas sounds great.
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  • LNic5LNic5 member
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    I like Caleb, Elliott and Grant

    Some not as common names

    Daniel Thomas
    Joshua Thomas
    Evan Thomas
    Julian Thomas
    Zachary Thomas
    Nathaniel Thomas
    Cole Thomas
    Micah Thomas
    Anthony Thomas
    Joel Thomas
    Jeffrey Thomas
    Dean Thomas
    Malcolm Thomas

    Ezra Thomas
    Seth Thomas
    Rowan Thomas
    Gavin Thomas
    Graham Thomas
    Gabriel Thomas
    Cameron Thomas
    Finn Thomas
    Holden Thomas
    Jacob Thomas

  • MamaWren919MamaWren919 member
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    I like Grant, Elijah, and Caleb best.

  • Michael Thomas
    Christopher Thomas
    Matthew Thomas
    Phillip Thomas
    Colton Thomas
    Kevin Thomas
    Joseph Thomas
    Patrick Thomas

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  • Thanks so much everyone! I really appreciate the time everyone took and also the additional suggestions. Although our list is now a bit longer, I think we're on the right track. Thanks again!
  • 4N6s4N6s member
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    I think Caleb Thomas sounds great.
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