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I sometimes find myself less hungry for dinner, but for the most bar I still eat normal for breakfast and lunch. Is this normal? I can't seem to find a rhyme or reason since it isn't an everyday thing. Some evenings I still have a decent appreciate for dinner and not for lunch.

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  • I definitely have that same feeling!! I force myself to eat in fear of waking up feeling gross from not eating.
  • I always try to eat something... Just sometimes when I do I get full super quick. Was just trying to get a feel if it was normal. My mom's husband's daughter is having twins and I know for a while that would happen to her because she has two babies occupying her belly. I'm not even showing yet not have I had my first Dr visit so I doubt it would be because of that.
  • I currently am going through this. I try to eat throughout the day. If I'm not hungry at lunch time I'll just have a snack. When it's dinner time I try and gauge it. I may have something small and then snack of some fruit or cheese before bed.

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  • I find myself hungry 24/7 but I'm running into getting tired of the food I'm eating all day! Even the thought of eating more feels gross so I'm having a super hard time eating enough for what the doctor said I should. Eating small snacks all day def helps to feel better but has its own issues!
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  • You're lucky then - I am hungry all freaking day, it is SO annoying! I cannot wait for 2nd trimester so I can stop feeling like such a pig (at least I seriously hope it stops by then since it did with DS at 12 weeks) I am totally terrified of gaining too much weight!
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  • Yep. I feel as though it's because my metabolism slowed down. My body is digesting what I eat at a slower pace so as to extract as many nutrients as possible. I am going to try to be very careful about what and how much I eat this pregnancy, last time I put on almost 50 lbs. My goal is to gain no more than 20-25 lbs. (I still have 20 from my last and 10 that I've put on since DS was born just under 7 months ago
  • That's another of my worries too. I'm already over weight for my height. I was told last year when I went in for my yearly that I had PCOS... I've been about 30lbs hevier than the range of lbs I had stayed at most of my teen/adult life. I definitely don't want to be the size of a house by time it's time to push. My fiancé isn't helping much. He says I'm beautiful, but I already dislike how my body looks in the mirror in the AM. I'm not showing yet, but I don't know where I stop and what's baby weight if any yet.
  •  I force myself to eat in fear of waking up feeling gross from not eating.

    I totally do this. I try to stick to eating smaller meals frequently throughout the day. But sometimes I get to dinner and I would rather just go to sleep. 

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