Pregnant after a Loss

Can someone give me hope? :)

Good morning!

I'll cut right to it. I had several losses last year and a slew of hormone issues this year because of those losses and fertility treatments. We stopped with the treatments three months ago and haven't been "actively" trying.

I ovulated 2 weeks ago, and I have been nauseas for about 1 week or so, as well as a few quick headaches throughout the day. Neither are knocking me down...totally manageable. I never had nausea before with the others, and I've never had nausea last this long. It definitely seems to be worse in the morning, then will go away for a while, and randomly come back for minutes at a time throughout the day. Never had to throw up and other than one night, I never FELT like really throwing up. It's iust queaziness.

Sooo of course I'm allowing myself to get just excited enough to stay positive and feel great, and I really have felt great other than these symptoms, which I honestly welcome with open arms!

My period is "due" any day now. This morning I had some light pink when I wiped, and I could see it in drops in the toilet too. It's very light, and I have zero cramping. Of course my heart sank a bit when I saw it, but I also know that spotting is super common. Can anyone give me some hope? Or similar stories that led to BFP's? :)

Thanks girls!

Re: Can someone give me hope? :)

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