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NER: first birthdays- what did you do?

Re: NER: first birthdays- what did you do?

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    For Jack's, we had a party at the park & barbecued - the weather was unusually nice for Feb that year.

    For Colin's, we were less certain about the weather (Nov), so we had a birthday brunch at our house & served homemade waffles and omelets made to order, along with the usual breakfast type drinks.

    Both parties were fun and fairly inexpensive. ?Lots of great memories!?

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    We rented the community center (think: cheap!) for DD's party.  We served finger foods & cupcakes, played music, had a craft for the small kiddo's and the big kids played basketball.  It was TONS of fun and very stress free!
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    We plan on having family and friends over for pizza and cake
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