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Using my old crib?

It meant a lot to me to use our families old crib, my dad refinished it and I want to refinish it again for my little one. Well, after doing some research I'm reading a drop sided crib isn't safe. I'm wondering thoughts, opinions on somehow making it safe? I'm all about safety so if it's a no go I'd rather be safe than sorry. I'm just wondering if there's any way to make it stationary and safe? I'm way ahead of the game, but trying to plan because I'm a FTM.
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Re: Using my old crib?

  • My advice would be to buy a new crib altogether. I'm not handy so I wouldn't know how to tell you to make a drop-sided crib safe. If I were you, I'd check out Consumer Reports and see what the ratings are on the brands out there and pick from that.
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  • I'm sure there's a way to make it not drop - have you searched Google for tutorials? I would be more concerned about the finish, width of slats , etc.
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  • I know there is a way to make it safe--because that is what they did when they were recalled---they issued a part that made them not drop anymore.  You'll have to look it up though to see how to do it yourself.

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    I wouldn't risk it.


  • Of course there is a way to make it safe! Install metal L brackets under the drop panels and you're fine. Google that, it's really easy to do.
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  • The folks who make these standards are very cautious... that is a good thing, because when you purchase an item it meets those very tight standards. We have decided to use a crib that was given to use that was made in 2000. It is 15 years old, it is drop side and it is made by a very high end crib manufacturer that has no history of Recalls. It was stored in a clean dry location for the past 10 years and was used before that for two children.

    We are going to fix the drop side with sturdy L brackets and possibly a screw through the top rail as well. We will also check and tighten all hardware regularly as recommended. The crib is in excellent shape and I feel safe using it.  There are many older cribs that were made very well and are still excellent pieces of furniture and will keep baby safe, and there are cribs that are dangerous. I would research the origin of the crib well and learn about the company, it's recalls etc. You can also look up the standards and see if the crib has issues like rail gaps or hardware size that cannot be addressed.
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