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getting rid of nighttime feeding help

My lo is almost 6 months old.. Some nights he sttn.  Goes to bed at 7:30/8.. Some nights he will sleep straight till 7.  But some nights he wakes anytime between 1-3.  I try to go in and soothe him and hes just not having it.  He wants a bottle. My pediatrician said he definitely doesnt need a bottle in the middle of the night.  I really want to wean him off this.  I feel terrible to just let him CIO.  Any tips or ideas would be appreciated.

Re: getting rid of nighttime feeding help

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    Your pediatrician doesn't know your baby. You do. There is not an age that ALL babies stop needing that bottle in the night. I know that babies and adults aren't the same but aren't there days that you are hungrier than normal? Perhaps your LO didn't get enough during that particular day and is still hungry at night.

    My DD is 9 months old and still eats once in the night. She pounds 8oz so I know she is legitimately hungry. I have no problem continuing her MOTN feed because she needs it.

    I'd go with your gut and if your LO is hungry, just feed him. He will eventually STTN.

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    All of this ^^^ I'm no expert (as seen in my previous post) but surely if he's hungry and wants a bottle he should be given it.
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    I agree with the pps.
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    I'm on baby #4 and they've all still needed a once a night feeding until almost a year (well, I guess we will see w #4 who is 5 months). Not every single night, but many. And they were all 'big' babies - above average in weight.
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    Umm ... if it ain't broke ... ?

    Sounds like your LO is doing great and I wouldn't think you would need to change anything. I would be thrilled if mine (almost 6 months) STTN most of the time and only woke once "some nights." My little guy just cut out his second night feeding last week, but still does one around midnight every night. He also usually wakes up several other times in the night and has only STTN twice. I've just accepted that nighttime parenting and feeding is part of having an infant. If your LO is hungry, you should feed him.
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