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help choosing breast pump (insurance covered)

Which pump do I choose? I've read reviews but they all seem to have their pros and cons. I'm going to be using the pump a lot so it needs to work good. Medela pnsa starter set (I think I've ruled this one out but can upgrade to medela on the go tote for $95), Ameda purely yours ultra, First years breast flow memory pump, Hygeia Q, Spectra s2, Lansinoh Sig pro Any recommendations will be appreciated!
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Re: help choosing breast pump (insurance covered)

  • Love my Medela PISA (using it right now, actually). Haven't ever used the others. Something to keep in mind is how easy it is to get parts. If you need to pump and are out of town and forgot something can you run into the nearest Target and get what you need? Medela parts are everywhere.
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  • I chose the Medela PISA which seems to be the overwhelming favorite between pumping moms. It seems the two front runners for the breastpump market are the Medela PISA and the Ameda Purely Yours (with a few honorable mentions to other pumps that you didn't mention in your post). Those were also the only two pumps my insurance gave me the option of choosing.

    The biggest difference between the Medela and the Ameda is that the Medela is an open pump system (so milk COULD theoretically get into the unit itself, although again, so many moms love it that this doesn't seem to be a big issue) and the Ameda is closed pump (no chances of milk getting into the unit, but I have heard the suction isn't as good as the Medela and it may not last as long).

    I also agree with PP, check your local stores to see which brand has parts you can easily pick up if you need them. I see Medela everywhere which can be a big plus.
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    Thanks all! I talked to some mom friends and they are all for medela and hate the ameda. I'm going to order tomorrow.
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