Pregnant after a Loss


Hey girls! Let me start this off by saying "I know we are all different!" I am expecting different answers of course, but just curious.

Very long story short: 3 losses last year, 2 failed trigger injections and bad reactions to them this year. We decided to stop actively trying, and a little over a week ago I realized I was ovulating pretty late (day 17). So right now I'm CD 28, but really only a little over a week past ovulation.

I've been semi nauseous for probably 5 days or so. Some days and moments are worse than others, and I never actually feel like I have to throw up. It's just uneasy and queasy, but totally manageable. I've also had headaches on a daily basis for about the same amount of time, but usually only a few seconds long and a few times each day.

Sooo, my obvious question, KNOWING the answer won't come for another week or so, is "could I be?" With the other ones, I never got past ~3-4 weeks, and the only thing I really remember from one of them is having headaches. I remember having day of nausea with one of them, but that was it.

Any positive vibes you all can send my way? I've been telling my body that I am pregnant and that this IS going to be our baby..our real, chunky, squishy, adorable and loveable little baby. Hoping my body listens!! Hehe

Re: Nausea?

  • Hey, friend! I never had morning sickness and neither did my mom, some people are just lucky! One of my friends didn't have it with her first, but had it with her second and she felt like that was because she couldn't rest when she needed to due to already having one child.
  • I had no sickness with my son, just tired. This one I didn't start feeling queazy till 7 weeks.
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    Guess im in a similar place. Its way too early to tell but Ive been very DIZZY for a good 5 days now. It's worse when Im reading. Last pregnancy i was exhausted, but not dizzy. So Im suspecting but all I can do is wait...!
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