Pregnant after a Loss

Those of you that have had an ectopic....

What were the signs you had? I have read it is a terrible one sided pain accompanied by bleeding, but I have also read a few sites where people say they didn't know until they had an ultrasound. Obviously I am already terrified of another loss, but I feel like I am only cramping on my left side with occasional cramps on my right. My first ultrasound is Thursday, but just wanted to know if any of you experienced an ectopic with mild symptoms vs. the big common ones? I thought this was too sensitive a topic to post on the mc board, so thought it best asked here. Thoughts other than I am just a paranoid mother of loss?

Re: Those of you that have had an ectopic....

  • I've never had an ectopic, but I did feel isolated, pinching "cramps" with this pregnancy and (so far) everything's been fine! Good luck on Thursday. I know it's stressful, but hopefully you'll get peace of mind for a little while after a healthy check-up.
  • Thank you @PlainJane8350 . I hope tomorrow will give me peace of mind, but since my loss was a mmc with no signs of mc, I just have in the back of my head that for all I know, things are okay like they seem. This is my third pregnancy and I have never been so crampy. I know it is normal, but makes me more on edge. I also have to go to the doctor alone tomorrow since dh has asked off so much lately between our loss and his gma passing away, he can't really ask off right now. Terrified, but trying to stay calm. Hope I get to see that little hb tomorrow.
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  • I know how you feel. Most people look forward to ultrasounds and they give me anxiety. Try to distract yourself until then and do relaxing things like take warm baths. Talk to your husband about how you feel, hopefully he can give you a pep talk so you feel a little better the day of. Would you want someone else to go with you? Take something to the appointment, too, like a puzzle book or play a game on your phone. I always tell the tech that I'm nervous and ask her to tell me as soon as she sees that everything's O.K, then I look. Good luck! I'll be thinking of you and sending calming, positive vibes your way.
  • Thanks! Unfortunately DH isn't too understanding of my worries. He gets why I feel that way, but says that everything will be fine. I would have my mom go but she is taking my grandma to a followup for eye surgery at the same time, different offices, and my sisters work. I will just have to brave it alone. I was alone with my DD when I learned of my loss, hard to explain to a toddler what is going on and they continue being a toddler (running down the hall, arguing with you, etc) which made it more stressful. I have daycare lined up for her tomorrow. Thanks for listening to my rambles. I will update after my appointment tomorrow.
  • My husband's the same way! Which never makes me feel better, just like he thinks I'm overreacting. Men... I'll give you your pep talk then!
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    I had an ectopic and I didn't have any symptoms at all until all of the bleeding started. My hubby wasn't able to come to our first ultrasound with this one either and I swear I had never been so anxious or nervous. It was terrible. But thankfully everything was fine. I guess you had your appointment today so I really hope you got good news. You'll be in my thoughts anyway! Please let us know. :)
  • So, baby is in the uterus. However, he/she is measuring 5w5d and I thought I should be around 6w3d. My other pregnancies have always been off by one or two days bur never almost a week. However, we have never had a scan so early. So, they aren't worried but are having me come back in a week for another ultrasound since they didn't see a heartbeat today. I know we may or may not see a heartbeat today, but I didn't expect to be measuring so far behind. Thoughts?
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