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Mastitis & milk supply

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hi I just got mastitis two days ago and my supply has decreased greatly I was wondering if any other moms know if my milk supply will go back up after I get rid of the infection . I already went to the doctor and got anabiotics by the way any answers or tips to help supply is much appreciated :((

Re: Mastitis & milk supply

  • Hello from another mastitis sufferer... I was told to pump frequently and make sure I empty my breasts as often as possible to prevent supply loss. No idea if it will work. I started antibiotics two days ago and haven't seen a major change yet.
  • I haven't seen any change yet either
    :-? I hope our supply goes back up some time soon
  • I been through two rounds of mastitis at this point and I can tell you that your milk supply will come back. I pumped religiously every 2 hours to empty my breasts and to insure my supply. I would also massage the area that was clogged. It took about 3 days and the antibiotics kicked in and made a huge difference. If your not seeing changes call your doctor because they can try a different antibiotic. My first time I got mastitis was because of cracked nipples so make sure they are healed or you could risk getting the mastitis again. Hope this helps and good luck! It's rough but it does get better!
  • I'm sorry mama! This sounds terrible :( Please visit the website for lactation cookies! They will help you! The website has a FAQ link as well! I hope you continue on your breastfeeding journey! And congratulations on your new little one!
  • Thank you ladies for the support & advice ! luckily my supply has started going back up& my breast are no longer swollen it's been a difficult week but I'm glad I've continued to breast feed and fight through the pain thank you ladies again :x
  • how do you know when it is mastitis? i was told it would be red and streaky on boobs but i don't have reddness just constant pain and lumps, especially left boob when my milk lets down. even worse when she cries. I have been pumping every three hours one boob at a time...thoughts. my baby is four weeks old
  • @ccarrozza1 Out of the 4 times I got mastitis I only saw the redness once. But once full blown mastitis its the worst flu of your life, you'll know - fever, achy, chills. The pain and lumps could be it as its trying to flare up - lots of massaging and heat on the boob. Or it could pass.
  • With my DS, I had mastitis 3 times on the same side.  I noticed slightly decreased production on that side.  My friend, however, says that she also has a difference side to side and she's breastfeeding #4, never had mastitis.   

    You said you were only diagnosed a few days ago, so I would expect your supply to pick up again once the infection resolves.  
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  • @ccarrozza1 it doesn't need to have any red streaks .I had constant pain & lumps as well on my infected breast before before getting any red on my breast or flu symptoms / fever . I should of gone in earlier instead of waiting until I was in so much pain. I was told to empty both breast every 2-3 hours add warm compress and massage the breast ....
    Also another thought is could it be a clogged milk duct ?
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