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drinking water?

I have been spotting brown discharge since Saturday. When I am at work I am drinking straight water and notice the spotting lessens or stops completely. I went to Google and see that people recommend drinking lots of water when spotting. Is this an actual thing that helps or wishful thinking?

Re: drinking water?

  • My doctor told me that if you're uterus is irritated, then drinking water helps. I thought I was contracting the other morning and they told me that drinking water can help if it happens again. Have you told your doctor that you're spotting?
  • Yes, I seen a nurse practitioner and I actually had an u/s and seen the baby and the heart beat was 113. I measured 6w4d. I mc my last pregnancy so I'm severely on edge. I go back Tues for my normal "first" appt and check for a weeks growth. But I'm still lightly spotting.
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  • Did she say what the spotting could be from? I know how to feel, my first one ended in a miscarriage, too. Sending positive thoughts your way tonight. That's great that you've already checked the baby and that its fine, though! That definitely helps you worry a lot less.
  • Thanks. No she said we may never know. I'm hoping the fact that its stayed brown and that it's only when I wipe means it'll be okay. And I'll just keep chugging water, either way waters helping something.
  • I noticed spotting increased for me if I wasn't hydrated enough or if I was on my feet/more active than usual. I think it has finally stopped after almost 3 weeks of constant spotting, I'm 7w5d.

    If you notice any red blood call the dr immediately, but I'm in the same boat of there being no reason for spotting, it was just happening. Hoping I get cleared next Monday to go back to normal life and they take the restrictions off. I had spotting the whole last pregnancy that ended in week 7 with a natural miscarriage so I'm hoping this time the spotting means we have a sticky baby.

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  • I went today and baby was measuring on track and HB was 153 but the gestational sac is measuring small. Has anybody had that happen???? Go back next Thurs to check on progress. Ughhhh
  • If it's not one thing it's another, right?! I've learned that ultrasound measurements are pretty subjective. Try not to worry, even visualize the sac enlarging if that's not too weird, and see what they say next week.
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