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Weaning off of reflux medicine

My daughter is 8 1/2 months old and when she was 6 months old the doctor said to try to take her off her medicine.  I tried and by the end of the week she was so fussy and acting like she was in pain that I put her back on it.  So this past Sunday (6/14/15) I decided to cut her dose in half and do that for 4 days and then cut that in half.  Today is the first day of the half of the half dose and she wouldn't finish a bottle.  She normally drinks a 6oz bottle but it was a struggle to get 3oz in her.  She would drink and then stop and sit up and then drink and be done.  Then when I tried her again she just fussed at the bottle and pushed it away.  Anyone with experience with weaning off of reflux medicine?  My other two kids had it and were able to transition off of it at 6 months.  Of course they were eating baby food by then and my 8 1/2 month old isn't. 

Re: Weaning off of reflux medicine

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